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HTML5 versus Native Apps: The truth you need to know

Josh Martin Before delving in to the bulk of this article I should explicitly state that I think HTML5 is an important industry initiative and, if implemented correctly, it can have

Martin: How 2010 trends will affect 2011 businesses

It's the end of the year and the Internet is rife with top ten lists aplenty: year in review, predictions for 2011, lists of the top lists and more. They're unavoidable. Thus, differentiating oneself

Martin: Does mobile video live or die with Hulu?

Any time a service cuts its price we are forced to pontificate as to why. So, when Hulu announced that it was out of beta (which it has been in since August) and reduced its price from $9.99 to $7.99

Martin: How Ultraviolet's DRM could impact the wireless industry

I'll admit upfront that I am by nature a skeptic. This attitude has served me well in my chosen profession and my presumptions of failure are often prescient. I remember MovieBeam and wondering how

Why isn't there more controversy over mobile media?

While I may never have owned a Victrola or a record player, I have the scars of many a media war. When I was a young associate analyst many years and companies ago, one of the first areas I

Is it time to check out from location-based check-ins?

Bravo, The Financial Times, Starbucks, the Nets, Domino's Pizza, Zagats, Best Buy, Eye-Fi, and the NBA are a very abbreviated list of companies partnering with location-based social networks. The

For Apple and AT&T: Does Netflix matter?

As a long time Netflix subscriber, a buyer of a Netflix-ready Blu-ray player, and a regular user of Watch Instantly (even when it results in masochistic acts such as enduring "Mary Shelly's

Sports on mobile: Driving more revenue through personalization

I am a long suffering Mets fan; too young to have celebrated Bill Buckner's 1986 error leading to a World Championship but just old enough to still bitterly recall consecutively missing the playoffs

Unification could unlock the value of mobile social networking – page 2

Previous page So, the question becomes: What needs to be controlled? Does the content creator need a unified front end from which to access all their services? Or does the content consumer need a way

Unification could unlock the value of mobile social networking

I like to fashion myself a valued contributor to the world at large. I write witty reviews on Yelp allowing other to avoid my epicurean misadventures. I caution moviegoers on Netflix and Flixster to