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Caroline Wall is an associate editor of the Enterprise IT group. She writes weekly for FierceMobileIT. Before joining the Enterprise IT group, Caroline worked as an intern with the Government group at FierceMarkets. Caroline is a proud North Carolina native with a soft spot for chocolate labs and 30 Rock. She works from the Washington, DC office and can be reached by email or twitter.

Articles by Caroline Wall

Insurance company finds success in Google Glass trial

A 90-year-old insurance company has found success in Google Glass, according to an article at Baseline. Pennsylvania-based Erie Insurance Group suited up their adjusters with the smartglasses in December 2014 and wrapped up the trial in February of this year.

Intel provides free Android app to remotely control PC with smartphone or tablet

Android users can now use their mobile devices to control their PCs with a free application from Intel.

Smartwatches dominate enterprise wearable interest, 451 Research found

We've reported that wearables like smartwatches and smartglasses have enterprise potential, and now there are more statistics to back that up.

Salesforce joins $10M funding round for enterprise wearables startup APX

Wearables software company APX Labs added $10 million to its pockets in a funding round last week that brought new support from Salesforce Ventures, the venture funding arm of enterprise app giant Salesforce, and SineWave Ventures, according to a report from the Washington Business Journal.

New Apple Watch OS gives developers ability to create native apps

Apple previewed Monday watchOS 2, the first major OS update for the Apple Watch, which gives app developers tools to build more powerful apps running natively on Apple Watch.

Quantum introduces smartglasses interface to make navigation through AR easier

Quantum Interface, a user interface and experience company, officially introduced on Monday an interface that lets users more easily perform actions while wearing smartglasses using augmented reality.

Google's Soli radar chip uses hand movements to perform tasks on wearables, IoT devices

Google's recently unveiled Soli, a chip that lets users perform tasks on devices using hand gestures, could allow for new kinds of apps that could prove useful in the enterprise. 

Disney's MagicBands program has lessons for other businesses

Disney said that it's MagicBands program is so successful that the company plans to expand it, according to a Reuters story. 

Wearables to be part of everyday workflow by 2020

Wearables will become a main staple for enterprises and industrial work settings by 2020, according to a report by research firm Tractica.

Atheer Labs CEO: Enterprise is 'most natural starting point' for smartglasses

Smartglasses will get their start in the enterprise, and it's crucial to find appropriate use cases in order to cement their standing in the workplace, said Atheer Labs CEO Alberto Torres in a recent interview with TechRepublic.