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Energy giant Exelon adopts cutting edge mobile technology solution

Exelon, the nation's largest private operator of nuclear power plants, has adopted a new mobile technology solution from Accenture and DataGlance that enables plant maintenace operators to manage the complete plant work cycle from mobile devices.

New DataXoom plans enable companies to pool BYOD data usage

Just announced Tuesday, a new mobile plan offerings from DataXoom allow organizations to pool data across a company-wide BYOD environment.

ManageEngine, Samsung team up on enterprise mobility management

In a move aimed at improving security for enterprise mobile devices, Samsung and ManageEngine have announced that Desktop Central will now support the KNOX platform.

For healthcare, Google Glass training value is crystal clear

For many IT leaders, Google Glass may seem like just another tech fashion craze. But there are a couple of industries that definitely see its value now, with healthcare leading the way.

New Good app makes BYOD data plan reimbursements easier to track

Workers who practice BYOD could now have an easier way to obtain reimbursement for company-related data usage on their smartphones with "Good Work for Data," just released by Good Technology.

BYOD now the cornerstone of the mobile office

It seems like only a year ago that experts were telling CIOs that BYOD programs were becoming commonplace. Now we learn that they are in fact the cornerstone of the new mobile office.

Want better BYOD policies? Then, lighten up!

When it comes to BYOD programs, you've been reading for months about the need to keep things safe, and keep things sound. Now you're being told to keep everyone happy as well.

Poor user experience dooms many enterprise mobile app efforts

It's no secret that the IT workforce isn't producing enough skilled mobile application developers to keep up with demand. That fact may be behind the findings of a new study, which says poor user experiences are the leading cause of enterprise mobile app failures.

Dr. Mobilelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love BYOD

Say "BYOD is our friend." Repeat, "BYOD is our friend." It's a simple message, but one that bears repeating for IT leaders who fear that BYOD practices will be the undoing of all their hard-fought data security efforts.

NHS Human Services finds fix to undependable Wi-Fi network

NHS Human Services replaced its Wi-Fi network with an Aruba Networks' wireless infrastructure to obtain the flexibily, security and performance it needed for a client base of over 50,000.