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Robert Bartley is an associate editor for the FierceEnterpriseIT and FierceFinance publications. He graduated from the University of Delaware in Spring '13. While at the unviersity, he completed a major in English and a minor in journalism, worked as the managing news editor of the school's independent newspaper The Review and interned in the office of communications and marketing. Robert is based in Washington, D.C., and can be reached at

Articles by Robert Bartley

Could Facebook's M fill the gap left by dwindling real-life assistants?

Facebook has revealed mobile digital assistant M. One key differentiator between this tech and its predecessors is how M carries out its processes. While competitors solely on software, Facebook will employ a set of "M trainers" in conjunction with its artificial intelligence software to fulfill every request.

The Internet of Things: The terms, the tech and what they mean for your business

Navigating the Internet of Things can be a difficult task for the uninitiated. For all the talk about how it will change businesses and enterprises (not to mention the world) over the next couple decades, there are scant introductory materials for those IT managers looking to get their feet wet.

Microsoft pushes Cortana open beta testing to Android, squares up against Google Now on its home turf

Microsoft today released an Android public beta for its virtual assistant Cortana, according to a blog post from the company. The release will pit Cortana squarely against Google's own voice-activated assistance offering Google Now.

Added Office integrations to Outlook for iOS make collaboration easier

Microsoft has improved the way its popular Office apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint – function in its Outlook for iOS app, according to a blog post from the company's Office Team.

Salesforce pushes 20 enterprise apps to Apple Watch

In a move to bring more business use cases to the device, Salesforce revealed 20 Apple Watch apps yesterday that provide actionable information at a glance. That could be good news for early adopters as the Apple Watch has yet to provide many enterprise users with a robust enough offering to justify the its price tag.

Hey, Microsoft, you dropped this: Nokia prepares to make phones again

Nokia is reportedly laying groundwork for a return to the mobile market it abandoned less than two years ago.

SmartThings joins IoT group ZigBee Alliance

SmartThings has joined the board of directors for Internet of Things standards group ZigBee Alliance. The IoT company, which Samsung acquired a year ago this week, will join ZigBee at the "Promoter" level.

Facing Stagefright, Google, Samsung, LG all commit to pushing monthly security patches for Android devices

Following the revelation of Android-focused malware Stagefright, Google will reportedly work to push monthly security fixes to their millions of mobile users worldwide. Samsung and LG have both committed to streamline that update process to push patches to their Android devices.

Microsoft on the Apple Watch: Outlook available now, more apps to come

Microsoft released Thursday an official Outlook app for the Apple Watch, allowing users of its popular email app to read, reply and receive notifications from their smartwatches.

BitTorrent adds mobile functionality to Sync, builds on business use cases

BitTorrent announced Tuesday added capabilities for device-to-device sharing app Sync, including pushing app edits immediately to files hosted in Sync folders and syncing those edits with connected devices.