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What are the top apps and tweaks for jailbroken, rooted devices?

Jailbreaking, or gaining access to all parts of an iDevice, has become an increasingly popular activity since it first started in 2007. Apple currently has no way of officially tracking how many devices are jailbroken, but even as early as 2009, the number of jailbroken devices was estimated to have been in the millions.

Facebook unveils Video on Instagram, challenges Twitter's Vine

Facebook unveiled a new video aspect to its Instagram app today at a press event. Video on Instagram, which rivals Twitter's video app Vine, is a new feature that allows users to take and share short video clips.

Is there money to be made in app loyalty programs?

Increasing app engagement is no easy task. While it's hard enough to get new users for an app, retaining that userbase is no piece of cake either. Loyalty programs are one method that some app developers are now using to tackle this issue. Loyalty programs are nothing new, of course, nor are advertising efforts to engage users. Credit card companies already use these programs to encourage members to spend money and gain rewards. So what makes mobile app loyalty programs--like those from Pocket Change and others--special?

Google acquires crowdsourced location services firm Waze

Google confirmed it is acquiring Israeli crowdsourced location services firm Waze. Waze will operate separately and remain in Israel. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

What will the next phase of OTT messaging look like?

How will OTT players stand out from the competition, and will they be able to monetize these (mostly free) messaging services? FierceMobileContent takes a closer look in this special report.

Zynga guts 18% of staff, shutters offices

Zynga is laying off 18 percent of its workforce, or 520 employees, by August. The gaming company is also closing its offices in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, reported All Things D. In all, the cuts are expected to save the company an estimated $70 to $80 million.

Facebook COO Sandberg acknowledges Facebook Home issues, is optimistic about its future

Facebook isn't too worried about the first iteration of Facebook Home for Android, in spite of the stream of poor reviews it received on Google Play, according to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Report: 72% of users now use multiple messaging services

Seventy-two percent of US users now use multiple messaging systems on a daily basis, according to a new report from Acision. However, while alternatives to SMS like IM and over-the-top mobile messaging services are gaining ground, 72 percent of users are still dependent on SMS.

Could Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition be the next Instagram?

This week, Yahoo confirmed it would be acquiring visual micro-blogging platform Tumblr in a deal worth $1.1 billion, one of its largest acquisitions to date. The deal is already drawing comparisons to Facebook's $715 million acquisition of Instagram, and it is easy to see why.

King passes Zynga with 70M DAUs across platforms, announces new mobile title

Multi-platform gaming company King announced it is now seeing 70 million daily players across all platforms including mobile, bypassing mobile gaming giant Zynga's 52 million DAUs. In addition, the company is expanding its third title to mobile. Pet Rescue Saga, which is already available via Facebook, will launch on Apple's iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Google's Android this summer.