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Holiday shopping becoming a mobile feast

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season for brick-and-mortar retailers, while Cyber Monday marks the unofficial beginning of the online holiday shopping season. And online shopping is increasingly becoming mobile shopping.

Re-evaluating online privacy in the wake of ISIS attacks

As a result of the Paris terrorist attack, 129 people have been pronounced dead and hundreds others were wounded. And it has come to light that ISIS used Telegram, a highly secure messaging app, to take responsibility for the attack on Paris. Should online privacy be reevaluated in light of all of this?

Get ready for the half-decade of enterprise mobile apps

Last year, I predicted that 2015 would be the year of enterprise mobile apps. Now it looks like the next five years will be the half-decade of enterprise mobile apps. Get ready.

So far, integrating EMM and IoT management is all talk

Bringing together management of mobile device and app and IoT devices together only makes sense. But when enterprises aren't asking for them because OT is not talking with IT, who can blame vendors for not delivering products that they've promised.

IoT will power smart factory of the future

Internet of Things technologies, such as data acquisition, connectivity, analytics and actuation, will be an integral part of the smart factory of the future, predicts IDC.

Commercial fleets are increasing reliance on telematics

It appears that telematics will increasingly help enterprises save money and improve service for their commercial vehicle fleets.

Will you be answering to a robo-boss soon?

So you think your current boss is a demanding workaholic who lacks empathy? Wait until your boss is a robot.

To BYOD or not to BYOD, that is the question

To BYOD or not to BYOD – that is the question that many CIOs are asking these days.

Enterprise is where IoT opportunities lie

Despite lots of talk about the connected home and car, the enterprise is where the biggest Internet of Things opportunity resides.

Delayed Windows 10 Mobile build takes flight

After a flurry of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds, Microsoft went silent on its latest mobile operating system. Well, Microsoft is back on the mobile track, it seems, releasing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536 this week.