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No worries about 'no drone zones'

Overall, it seems the enterprise has little to worry about as far as "no drone zones" go. To be fair, the level of regulation the FAA currently places on drone use limits them enough that no fly zones are more than likely outside of companies' use either geographically, or in terms of the work being done in the first place.

Mobile security is not about malware

As mobile devices and apps flood the enterprise, many IT teams are becoming obsessed with keeping mobile malware off of devices and networks. But this is the wrong focus, said Andrew Hoog, CEO and founder of mobile security firm NowSecure. It's not mobile malware, but mobile apps that leak sensitive data that should be the focus of enterprise IT teams.

Expect more enterprise-friendly changes in Apple's iOS 9

One of the most obvious signs of that transformation is the changes Apple has made to iOS mobile operating system. Based on what Apple did with iOS 8, we can eeven more exciting enterprises features with iOS 9, expected to be unveiled at WWDC in June.

Employees don't want a 'craptop' loaded with 'bloatware'

I came across in interesting commentary by security blogger Michele Chubirka. She observed that implementing a successful BYOD program is less about technology and more about organizational politics and employee psychology.

BYOD legal issues proliferate for multinationals

While BYOD in the U.S. has numerous legal issues to consider, those issues increase exponentially when an organization is multinational.

This big source of malware on BYOD devices might surprise you

There is no substitute for strong policies and stronger technology when it comes to BYOD security.

C'est la BYOD

Implementing a BYOD policy is definitely a more complicated affair in Europe. The complexity of the privacy regulations in Europe no doubt discourages many firms from even attempting a BYOD program.

Rather than fighting BYOD, IT should lead the way

BYOD is happening, whether IT likes or not. Instead of fighting or ignoring it, IT departments should get out in front and lead the way.

Mobility goes hand-in-hand with other enterprise tech

Mobility can't be consider in isolation from other tech that is transforming the enterprise.It must be implemented hand-in-hand with big data, cloud and social media to realize the full potential for employee productivity and corporate growth.

5 essential features of enterprise mobile apps

This year has been proclaimed the year of the enterprise mobile app. But just building mobile apps for the enterprises isn't enough. The apps must enhance worker productivity by being powerful yet easy to use and intuitive.