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Mobility, IoT fuel digital transformation

Mobility and Internet of Things are among the technologies that are fueling digital transformation of businesses around the world.

I always feel like somebody's watching me

I came across an interesting market analysis by Eugenia Pasqua, research analyst at ABI Research that I wanted to share with you. Pasqua is predicting the Internet of Things and video surveillance will converge in the enterprise market.

Features designed to aid in Apple device management could lead to breach

News that features in Apple's mobile operating system designed to improve manageability for IT department actual increase the risks to corporate data should be a red flag to IT admins and security pros.

IoT to drive DaaS opportunities

I came across an interesting blog post by Gartner analyst David Yockelson. He argues that the Internet of Things will drive data as a service opportunities.

Microsoft continues to founder on the rocks of mobility

The saga of the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is a tale of woe for Microsoft, which has fumbled mobile technology for years. Despite CEO Satya Nadella's pledge to right the mobile ship, it seems Microsoft continues to founder on the rocks of mobility.

Act now, or live in a world with 45 trillion IoT security holes

The proliferation of IoT devices in the enterprise, at home and at school will create millions of security holes that not only security professionals but everyone who has smart devices in their home will need to deal with. Let's hope we take security seriously at the start before we live in a world with 45 trillion security holes.

When it comes to mobility, IT and business execs don't see eye to eye

When it comes to mobility, IT and line of business executives are not necessarily on the same page.

Can Microsoft stop the downward spiral for its Windows mobile OS?

I came across some interesting stats from Gartner this week about the smartphone market. It seems that mobile operating systems other than Android and iOS are disappearing from the market. This, despite Microsoft's best efforts to revive Windows mobile fortunes through Windows 10 Mobile.

Silicon Valley gets unlikely ally in encryption battle

Silicon Valley just lined up an unlikely ally in its fight against the U.S. government and law enforcement over smartphone encryption – U.S. Congress.

Will IoT force fundamental rethink of chip design?

It seems that the Internet of Things could force chip makers like Intel to overhaul their chip making techniques.