Spotlight: iTunes metadata suggests iOS users will be able to remove stock apps

The much anticipated iOS 10 upgrade is expected to give Apple users the option of removing stock apps from the mobile operating system, reported AppAdvice.

Stop switching between apps to get work done with Microsoft's Hub Keyboard iOS app

Microsoft unveiled its multitasking-friendly Hub Keyboard app for iOS Thursday, and it could prove useful for business users.

Autonomous truck platoons complete world's first cross-border journey, traveling across Europe

Autonomous truck platoons have completed the first successful cross-border journey. The six truck platoons traveling across Europe arrived at their destination in Maasvlakte II seaport in the Netherlands earlier this week.

Mobile device access security will be beefed up with Twilio, VMware partnership

The product resulting from a partnership between Twilio and VMware in which the cloud-based Authy 2FA two-factor authentication service will be embedded in VMware and AirWatch products is expected soon, Marc Boroditsky, Twilio's vice president and general manager of authentication at Twilio, told FierceMobileIT.

Enterprise wearables are beyond pilot programs - they're ready for the big time

Enterprises wearables are past the point of pilot projects and are now being put to real use in businesses, according to a new white paper published by research firm Tractica.

Mobile file access is key to Siemens' deployment of Syncplicity's hybrid EFSS product

Mobile file access is a key feature of Syncplicity's enterprise file sync and share product being deployed by German industrial and engineering giant Siemens as part of its SmartStorage project.

VMware Boxer app could make life easier for enterprise users and IT admins

VMware Boxer, an app that promises the ease of a consumer experience while meeting the security requirements of an enterprise, is officially here and ready for use for AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers.

Infographic: When it comes to business mobile apps, less is more

Creating a successful mobile app can make or break a small business. But the app can't be just an extra screen to place your content on. It must be a separate entity with its own mobile app design and functionality.

Spotlight: Trimble adds mobile app builder to smart water management software

Trimble launched Tuesday the latest version of its smart water mapping and work management software – Trimble Unity 3.0 – with a mobile app builder, among other new features.

Enterprises see IoT as a revenue booster, says Verizon study

The Internet of Things is "going mainstream," and expectations are high for consumers and businesses alike, according to new findings from Verizon.

Despite lack of iPhone support, RCS will become dominant messaging technology by 2021, says ABI

Even though Apple's iPhone does not support it, rich communication services, or RCS, is forecast by ABI Research to become the dominant messaging technology by 2021.

Mobile Managers: Broadview's Shulman was mobile before it was cool

In this edition of Mobile Managers, I sat down with Ken Shulman of Broadview Networks to talk about how he's been mobile since the start of mobile, and how he plans to push Broadview's own mobile offering to the front lines of the mobile workforce. 

Spotlight: Apple's iPhone SE costs $160 to build, says IHS

It costs around $160 to build Apple's iPhone SE, which retails at a starting price of $399 without a contract, according to an analysis by market research firm IHS.

BlackBerry now lets BBM users Retract and put a timer on messages for free

Enterprises within highly regulated industries that use BlackBerry's BBM messaging app will be happy to know that some of its best security features, including Retract, are now free.

Kinvey, Google team on HIPAA-compliant MBaaS for healthcare firms

To meet the growing demand for mobile healthcare products in this stricter regulatory environment, Kinvey, an enterprise mobile backend as a service, or MBaaS, provider, has teamed with Google to launch a HIPAA-compliant MBaaS on Google Cloud Platform for healthcare firms.

Features designed to aid in Apple device management could lead to breach

News that features in Apple's mobile operating system designed to improve manageability for IT department actual increase the risks to corporate data should be a red flag to IT admins and security pros.

Spotlight: Apple working on advanced gesture control for Apple Watch

An Apple patent application published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office indicates that advanced gestures for Apple Watch based on motion are in the works.

Google has reason to worry about AT&T-Cyanogen alternative-Android smartphone

AT&T may be working on a new smartphone using an open source version of Android developed by Cyanogen, which could have adverse effects on Google.

Performance-based standards are what's needed to keep micro drones safe, Skyward CEO says

In an interview with FierceMobileIT, Jonathan Evans, founder and CEO of commercial drone information management provider Skyward, discussed the issues raised by micro drones and the possible rules coming out of the committee set up by the Federal Aviation Administration to consider the issues.

JAMF releases latest version of its Apple device management platform with zero-day support for iOS 9.3

JAMF Software released on Thursday the latest version of its Casper Suite Apple device management platform with zero-day support for iOS 9.3.