Expedia credits mobile strategy for success over rivals

Expedia has been gobbling up online travel competitors recently. It just announced an agreement to buy Orbitz for $1.34 billion, following an agreement to acquire Travelocity for $280 million in January. To what does Expedia attribute its success? For one thing, its mobile strategy, according to Jerald Singh, head of mobile products at Expedia.

3 strategies to lessen BYOD security risks

While BYOD continues to be a security thorn in the side of enterprises, there are steps IT can take to reduce the risks. Here are three strategies that IT can use to secure BYOD devices and apps.

Does Apple Watch have a use case for the enterprise?

The "coolness" of Apple products will only take the Apple Watch so far in the consumer market. Can it find a use case in the enterprise as well?

Apple makes iWork for iCloud app suite free on all mobile devices

In a move to expand its influence among the professional set, Apple has opened its iWork suite up free of charge for any device without the need to own one of the company's tablets, phones or computers.

Business travelers rejoice: Visa mobile service will reduce declined transactions by 30%

While credit card companies and banks are trying to prevent fraud, their practice of not automatically approving purchases made far from a person's home can be frustrating for business travelers. Visa is coming to the rescue with Visa Mobile Location Confirmation, a mobile service that uses a smartphone's location technology to verify the credit card user's location.

Spotlight: Global Convergence buys enterprise mobility firm Radiant Networks

Global Convergence has acquired Radiant Networks, a Louisville, Ky.-based enterprise mobility engineering firm, for an undisclosed consideration.

Microsoft releases first build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones

Microsoft on Thursday released the first build of Windows 10 technical preview for phones. The technical preview is initially available only for Windows Phone models Lumia 630, 635, 636, 638, 730, and 830.

Next big challenge for mobile management: contractors and other third-party workers

Organizations using mobile solutions for full-time employees often overlook independent workers while formulating policies. That kind of oversight can lead to inaccessible enterprise apps, inflexible mobility programs and untested workarounds compromising otherwise secure networks, according to industry analysts.

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi calling services could eliminate need for wired phones in the enterprise

Carrier-grade Wi-Fi calling services could transform enterprise communications by eliminating the need for traditional wired phones, said David Callisch, vice president of corporate marketing at Ruckus Wireless.

Spotlight: For Microsoft, digital pen mightier than finger

Microsoft is mulling the purchase of digital-pen maker N-trig for $200 million, reported Ben Fox Rubin of CNet, citing Israeli sources. Before long, Surface tablets could be flooding the enterprise in the hands of employees, stylus and all.

Microsoft is going mobile app crazy

Just a couple weeks after unveiling its Outlook for iOS and Android and its Office for Android tablets, Microsoft announced Wednesday it is buying mobile app calendar maker Sunrise Atelier for a reported $100 million.

'The beacons are coming, the beacons are coming' ... to the enterprise

Beacons are all the rage for large indoor and outdoor venues. But they are also making their way into the enterprise, according to Baseline Magazine article by contributor Mike Elgan.

Unsecured corporate data access often the downfall of BYOD programs

Access to corporate data is a key for workers to get their jobs done. But it also can be the Achilles heel for companies with BYOD programs.

5 tips to improve enterprise mobility programs

As more firms move to implement enterprise mobility programs, IT teams are being challenged to manage and secure mobile devices and apps. Ranzie Anthony, executive creative director of design and technology firm Athlon, offers five tips for firms to get the most from their enterprise mobility program.

Mobile app developers get their hands dirty

Mobile app developers are increasingly looking to the Internet of Things for opportunities to develop apps, particularly industrial IoT apps.

Spotlight: Reserve raises $15M for mobile app to make reservations, pay check

Reserve has raised $15 million to continue development of its mobile app that enables users to make restaurant reservations and pay the check, reports TechCrunch.

Oracle turns to Syniverse for mobile messaging to connect its sprawling workforce

Enterprise software giant Oracle needed a mobile messaging product that could connect its 120,000 employee strong workforce in 160 countries. It turned to Syniverse for help.

Apple-IBM alliance shifts focus to general business mobile apps, says analyst

The Apple-IBM enterprise mobility alliance is expected to shift the focus of its mobile apps from vertical markets to general business applications, such as supply chain management.

IT looking for the wrong things when it comes to mobile security

With the influx of personally owned mobile devices into the enterprise, IT departments need to be on guard against jailbroken and rooted devices and malicious apps from foreign countries like China and Russia. Right? Wrong.

US CIOs lag behind foreign counterparts in grasping relevance of advanced tech

CIOs in the United States lag behind their counterparts in other countries when it comes to understanding the relevance of advanced technologies such as sensors, augmented reality, robots and thinking machines.