BYOD is not rocket science--or is it?

As more companies grapple with the challenges of allowing employees to bring their own devices to work, they can perhaps gain some insight from a bunch of rocket scientists at NASA.

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BYOD risks are not confined to firms that allow the practice

So you've prohibited BYOD at your company. That protects you from security and legal risks associated with allowing employees to bring their personal devices to work. Right? Wrong.

Abandon hope of standardization, all ye who enter mobile app development

It is unlikely that app developers will ever see a standard approach to mobile app development, observes Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy at Oracle.

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BlackBerry regains some ground in the battle for the mobile enterprise

In the battle for the mobile enterprise, BlackBerry has been ceding territory to Apple and Android for a number of years. But in the latest skirmish, BlackBerry regained ground, previously seized by Apple and MobileIron, as mobile supplier to Ocean Capital Investments.

For healthcare, Google Glass training value is crystal clear

For many IT leaders, Google Glass may seem like just another tech fashion craze. But there are a couple of industries that definitely see its value now, with healthcare leading the way.

CES is not all about consumers--Kensington offers new keyboard, mouse for BYOD users

The International CES conference usually produces consumer-driven technology news and products, but sometimes the enterprise gets a little attention. Enter Kensington, a tech vendor with a new keyboard and mouse option for BYOD users.

Companies fret over California BYOD court ruling

The ruling last year by a California appeals court about BYOD expense reimbursement has caused consternation among enterprises throughout the country. Any enterprise that allows BYOD should prepare for the implications of the California court ruling, as well as the expansion of the reimbursement requirement to data and to other regions of the country.

AT&T moves to broaden BYOD offerings

To address the growing BYOD market, AT&T is teaming with MobileIron, AirWatch by VMware and Good Technology to offer a new BYOD option that enables firms to add AT&T data, voice and messaging service to their enterprise mobility management platform.

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MBaaS to become 'new frontier' of enterprise mobile app development

As more enterprises deploy custom mobile applications, mobile backend-as-a-service will become the "new frontier" in enterprise mobile app development.

3 factors to consider when moving to mobility

Many companies have already embraced mobility, and many more are moving in that direction. For IT departments considering the move to mobility, here are three factors to consider.

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BYOD fuels demand for hybrid cloud deployments, says Dornquast

The explosion of BYOD in the workplace will fuel demand for hybrid cloud deployments that provide greater data management and security, predicts Matthew Dornquast, CEO and co-founder of Code42 Software.

Older workforce looks to train in-field technicians with wearables

Two of the biggest shifts affecting industries that require on-site technicians are an aging workforce and the advent of wearables. While seemingly disparate, there is an overlap in the trends that has created some new markets and uses.

New Good app makes BYOD data plan reimbursements easier to track

Workers who practice BYOD could now have an easier way to obtain reimbursement for company-related data usage on their smartphones with "Good Work for Data," just released by Good Technology.

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SBCs can help with BYOD security

Session border controllers used to control VoIP traffic can also be employed to secure BYOD devices, argues Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.

Enterprises are likely to be initial target market for VoLTE

Are consumers going to shell out big bucks for VoLTE-capable handsets, instead of making do with their existing smartphones and less than great voice service for a lower price? Probably not. That's why carriers will rely on the enterprise market to be more lucrative for VoLTE.