FTC cracks down on snake-oil mobile healthcare apps

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on Carrot Neurotechnology, makers of the Ultimeyer mobile app that claimed to improve users' eyesight, for making deceptive claims.

Apple's iOS 9 might improve security, but not if you need a VPN connection

While Apple and vendors are touting the security benefits of the latest Apple mobile operating system, at least one security feature has been disrupted by the release of iOS 9. It seems iOS 9 breaks virtual private network connections to corporate servers.

Nightmare scenario comes true for Apple App Store users and CIOs

It's a nightmare scenario for CIOs and IT admins. Hackers succeed in getting data-stealing apps into the normally secure Apple App Store and employees download the compromised apps onto their devices. Well that scenario has come true.

Spotlight: Apple delays release of Apple Watch OS update after finding bug

Apple has delayed the release of watchOS 2, the latest iteration of its Apple Watch operating system, after finding a bug, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

HoloLens to hit the enterprise first, within a year, says Microsoft

Many CIOs and IT managers are awaiting the arrival of Microsoft's much ballyhooed augmented reality headset HoloLens. Redmond said it will be available for enteprrise customers "within the next year."

Zebra offers end-to-end assistance for business-app migration

Zebra Technologies on Thursday unveiled its new Software Application Services, aimed at helping organizations migrate business applications to next-gen technologies. These new services will help customers "accelerate the adoption of new mobility strategies with next generation devices and newer OS at a lower cost, with a lower risk of downtime."

Despite beefed up iOS 9 security, hacker jailbreaks Apple's latest mobile OS

While many are touting the security benefits that iOS 9 brings to the enterprise (including Apple itself), hackers are not giving up trying to penetrate iOS 9 security fortress.In fact, within hours of iOS 9's release, someone already claimed to have jailbroken it, which could pose risks to the enterprise.

Infographic: 9 things IT admins should know about iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is now available for download to Apple mobile devices, and IT admins are wondering what the new mobile operating system means for them.

Fitbit ups corporate wellness ante with HIPAA compliance

Fitness wearable maker Fitbit announced Wednesday its compliance with HIPAA regulations, enabling its corporate wellness product Fitbit Wellness to be more attractive to businesses.

Delayed Windows 10 Mobile build takes flight

After a flurry of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Builds, Microsoft went silent on its latest mobile operating system. Well, Microsoft is back on the mobile track, it seems, releasing Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536 this week.

Infographic: Here's how cellphones replaced everything

It was around 1997 – almost 15 years after Motorola released the DynaTac, the first commercial cellphone – that mobile phones started replacing or "disrupting" scores of common product categories. Since, cellphones have continue on this path. We took a look back to the very beginning of the cellphone market to examine just how disruptive the technology has been over time.

Spotlight: Updated CAST tool beefs up analysis, measurement of enterprise mobile apps

CAST unveiled on Tuesday version 8 of its Application Intelligence Platform, which includes greater analysis and measurement of enterprise mobile apps.

Good readies day-one support for iOS 9 for EMM customers

Apple is releasing its new mobile operating system iOS 9 on Wednesday, and Good Technology, for one, is offering day-one iOS 9 support for its enterprise mobility management customers, enabling them to upgrade to the new Apple mobile operating system without service disruptions or compromises to security.

Notifications tops the list of favorite Apple Watch features

A new report showing what Apple Watch users like best about their smartwatches points to an enterprise use case for the Watch.

GE creates GE Digital to focus on industrial Internet of Things

Through a realignment of a few existing arms of its business, GE will make a push in the burgeoning IoT space with the new GE Digital to provide factories, power plants and other industrial businesses with the insight that connected devices can provide.

With IoT Cloud, Salesforce will pull in data from connected devices

Salesforce announced today a set of new services that will allow businesses to feed data from connected devices into Salesforce. With the new technology, Salesforce hopes users will be able to garner better insight on their customer relationships as devices report in real time.

Spotlight: Wearable device shipments to jump 164% this year, says IDC

Wearable shipments are forecast by IDC to reach 76.1 million units this year, up an aggressive 163.6 percent from the 28.9 million units shipped in 2014.

New York state, banks agree to record-keeping rule for Symphony secure messaging

The Department of Financial Services of the New York state government has reached an agreement with leading banks about record keeping for chat messages sent by employees using the Symphony messaging system, reported Reuters newswire.

Google brings on auto-industry vet Krafcik as exec for driverless car project

Google announced John Krafcik will be the first chief executive of its self-driving car project, an article at Reuters said. Chris Urmson will continue on as technical lead of the project, which he has led since 2009.

Purdue researchers develop HUSH smartphone tool that shuts off apps to save battery life

A new tool from researchers at Purdue University, Intel and startup Mobile Enerlytics could help users with their battery life issue, at least for Android phones.