BI Worldwide employs Qstream mobile app to improve employee training for enterprises

BI Worldwide, a global engagement agency, is using the Qstream mobile sales performance app, for its new Got !t sales reinforcement product to improve employee training for enterprises across a range of industries in 120 countries.

Spotlight: Google unveils Inbox invite program for Google Apps for Work customers

Google is launching an invite process that enables Google Apps for Work administrators to request acces to Google's Inbox, reported TechCrunch.

Infographic: Is bad phone behavior undermining workplace communication?

Mobile technology has introduced a revolution in worker productivity and efficiency. But are bad behaviors by employees undermining mobility's potential in the enterprise?

Enterprises opting for 'off-the-shelf' when it comes to IoT

Enterprises are increasingly turning to "off-the-shelf" Internet of Things (IoT) products instead of the more expensive customized products that have characterized many enterprise IoT implementations, according to a Verizon report released Monday.

Beware the hidden costs of BYOD

While many push BYOD as a cost-saving measure that alleviates companies from paying for mobile hardware, the cost to manage BYOD employees can more than offset that, according to an expert.

Mobility is transforming the work landscape for temporary and part-time contractors

Mobile computing is poised to alter how temporary and part-time workers get the job done, opined David Hale, CEO of Gigwalk.

Federal agencies mobilize field workers, even as some businesses ignore them

An important component for many businesses, the field worker is too often skipped over in mobile enterprise app plans. But by upgrading the workflows of those workers, one organization not usually known for its efficiency--the federal government--has found just that through enterprise apps, according to a visionary panel held here Wednesday at the Federal Mobile Computing Summit.

Regulated industries struggle with challenge of BYOD security

IT departments in regulated industries, such as financial services, struggle with the risks introduced by allowing employees to bring their own devices.

Spotlight: BlackBerry rolls out latest handset OS with access to Android apps

BlackBerry rolled out on Thursday a major update to its BlackBerry 10 operating system that runs its Passport tablet and latest version of its smartphones. The update gives BlackBerry 10 device users access to Android apps on the Amazon Appstore, among other changes.

Salesforce beefs up mobile offering for business intelligence

More and more, business managers want to access meaningful intelligence wherever they might be. Mobile is the next frontier for analytics, and Salesforce is charging ahead with the introduction Thursday of three new features for its Wave Analytics Cloud.

Samsung not ceding mobile payments space to Apple

Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung, which has surpassed Apple in the smartphone space, now wants to challenge Cupertino in the mobile payments space with its purchase of mobile wallet startup LoopPay.

Spotlight: Southwest Airlines adds Apple's Passbook to iOS mobile app

Southwest Airlines has updated its iOS mobile app by supporting Apple's Passbook, which enables users to access their boarding passes from the lock screen.

Infographic: 6 steps to building better enterprise mobile apps

Enterprises are wasting money on inefficient workflows that could be simplified by using mobile apps. In this infographic, mobile app developer Lextech describes a six step process for enterprises to develop better mobile apps.

Microsoft adds handwriting, OCR to OneNote for iPad app

Microsoft has updated its OneNote for iPad app, adding handwriting and optical character recognition.

Private and public sectors are companions in bold new IoT future

The more Internet of Things devices are connected through networks, the more entry points there will be for dangerous elements. If IoT is to flourish safely and securely, the private and public sector must work in concert to create a regulated yet creative environment, according to a panel at the Federal Mobile Computing Summit.

Enterprises should look for 'quick wins' on their mobile journey, advises Lopez

Businesses are beginning their mobile journey by extending parts of their business processes to mobile devices. But this is a complex and often frustrating task. Instead, Marible Lopez, founder of Lopez Research, recommends that firms start with simple mobile apps that can "quickly, inexpensively" increase worker productivity, what she calls "life hacking mobile."

When it comes to mobility, SMBs go upscale

While small and medium-sized businesses might be pinching pennies in other areas, they are opting for the pricey iPhone when it comes to smartphones.

Spotlight: Samsung to offer wireless charging for cheaper smartphones

Cheaper Samsung smartphones will get wireless charging this year.

Law firm opted for Good over BlackBerry back in BlackBerry's heyday

Faced with a choice between BlackBerry and Good Technology to enable its mobility program, Connecticut-based law firm Updike, Kelly & Spellacy (UKS) opted for Good, explained Frank Mauri, the firm's IT director. Surprisingly, Mauri made the move back in 2006 when BlackBerry was riding high.

Dropbox appeals to more BYOD users with new extension for iOS 8

In its latest version, Dropbox has added a new action extension to iOS 8 that enable users to save files directly to the cloud storage service from any iOS app. With this capability already available on Android devices, Dropbox is appealing to more BYOD users with this move.