Microsoft adding Secure Boot, Bitlocker encryption to Windows 10 IoT Core platform

Microsoft is bringing "enterprise-grade security" to the Windows 10 IoT Core beta, a version of Windows 10 designed for small embedded devices, Microsoft announced on Thursday. Redmond plans to add Secure Boot and Bitlocker encryption into the Windows IoT Core builds.

Spotlight: After long delay, Google Keep now available for iOS devices

After a two-year wait, Google's note-taking app, Google Keep, is now available for iOS devices, reported The Next Web.

More than 4,000 iOS apps compromised by XcodeGhost, says FireEye

XcodeGhost, the malware that infiltrated the Apple App Store through Apple's Xcode app development tool, has compromised more than 4,000 iOS apps, according to research by security firm FireEye.

AppFigures, Adobe Analytics come together to provide mobile app data for developers, marketers

Users of appFigures and Adobe Analytics will be able to view data from both platforms from within Adobe Analytics, thanks to an integration of the platforms that's now available. 

Mobile devices 'dramatically improved' 78% of employees' work lives

Seismic surveyed attendees at Salesforce's Dreamforce conference last week on how their teams use mobile devices and the value they see in them. Seventy-eight percent of workers who use mobile devices believe the tech has dramatically improved their work life in 2015, according to the surveyt.

Enterprise is where IoT opportunities lie

Despite lots of talk about the connected home and car, the enterprise is where the biggest Internet of Things opportunity resides.

Spotlight: BlackBerry completes AtHoc acquisition

BlackBerry on Wednesday said that it had completed the acquisition of AtHoc, a secure networked crisis communications company, for an undisclosed consideration. enables mobile app developers to bypass app stores for updates

Startup, which launched this week, is offering a service to mobile app developers that speed updates to end users by bypassing the app store process, reported TechCrunch.

Wi-Fi Alliance promotes members' Wi-Fi products in IoT devices through 'implementer membership'

In an effort to tap into the growing Internet of Things market, the Wi-Fi Alliance is offering a new "implementer membership" program for companies that make IoT products but aren't in the wireless connectivity business.

Apple watchOS 2 released after delay caused by bug

Apple officially released Monday its watchOS 2 update with a number of security patches. The updated operating system was supposed to arrive Sept. 16, but was delayed due to an unspecified unspecified bug found in development.

Privacy-conscious employees, not security-concerned IT pros, are behind BYOD delays

Despite the perception that IT departments concerned about security have been the main stumbling block to BYOD programs, employees worried about privacy are behind much of the delay in BYOD program rollout.

AirWatch invites security firms to integrate with its platform

AirWatch planned to announce today that it will let partner vendors, including FireEye and Palo Alto Networks, integrate their own security software into the AirWatch platform.

How Samsung's and Apple's new phone leasing programs might impact the enterprise

Samsung may be following Apple's lead and planning to introduce a phone leasing program directly to users, according to a report on Forbes that cites unnamed sources. For businesses, this new development may add a new wrinkle to an already-complicated BYOD reimbursement process.

Spotlight: Big data to team with IoT in the enterprise

Big data analytics will play a major role in business use of the Internet of Things, enabling businesses to increase revenue and cut costs over the next 12 to 18 months, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.

Most FAA drone exemptions are approved for general aerial photography, says report

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International released a report that looks at the data gathered from the first 1,000 commercial drone exemptions granted by the FAA. According to the report, general aerial photography has been granted the most FAA exemptions.

FTC cracks down on snake-oil mobile healthcare apps

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on Carrot Neurotechnology, makers of the Ultimeyer mobile app that claimed to improve users' eyesight, for making deceptive claims.

Apple's iOS 9 might improve security, but not if you need a VPN connection

While Apple and vendors are touting the security benefits of the latest Apple mobile operating system, at least one security feature has been disrupted by the release of iOS 9. It seems iOS 9 breaks virtual private network connections to corporate servers.

Nightmare scenario comes true for Apple App Store users and CIOs

It's a nightmare scenario for CIOs and IT admins. Hackers succeed in getting data-stealing apps into the normally secure Apple App Store and employees download the compromised apps onto their devices. Well that scenario has come true.

Spotlight: Apple delays release of Apple Watch OS update after finding bug

Apple has delayed the release of watchOS 2, the latest iteration of its Apple Watch operating system, after finding a bug, a company spokesperson told TechCrunch.

HoloLens to hit the enterprise first, within a year, says Microsoft

Many CIOs and IT managers are awaiting the arrival of Microsoft's much ballyhooed augmented reality headset HoloLens. Redmond said it will be available for enteprrise customers "within the next year."