Amazon Local Register aims to lure retailers away from Square, PayPal

Amazon launched a new mobile payment service Wednesday aimed at luring business away from established competitors like Square and PayPal. Amazon Local Register allows local businesses to accept debit and credit card payments via smartphones and tablets for a flat-rate percentage on all transactions.

BYOx and the underpants strategy

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is an all-encompassing concept that goes beyond BYOD policies that are mainly aimed at employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace. Driven by the evolution of wearable technology, EMM includes smart watches, glasses, shoes and even underpants--should it come to that.

Beacon tech finds new applications outside of sales, marketing

It's easy to dismiss beacon technology as a gimmick, but even if the idea never takes off for consumers there are still plenty of practical applications at the enterprise level that make it a niche worth watching. 

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Choosing BYOD vs. CYOD? The path to both is secure data

Whether your organization is embracing a BYOD or a CYOD program, ulitmately what are most important are the steps you take to secure company data. Here are some steps on how to do just that.

FinSpy surveillance software tunnels into all mobile platforms except iOS

Security firm Gamma Group recently ran a test of all the major mobile phone platforms to see if its surveillance software, FinSpy, could tunnel in and wreak havoc on smartphones without being blocked or detected. According to an allegedly leaked document, the only platform that withstood the attack was Apple iOS--as long as it wasn't jailbroken.

IoT CEO outlines industry's direction and potential

Jahangir Mohammed, CEO and founder of IoT company Jasper, has been working to link the digital world since 2004. He sat down recently with Business Insider to talk about his company's beginnings, what effect the IoT will have and the future of the industry.

The role of mobile tech in treating mental health issues

Arranging a doctor appointment or checking insurance benefits are a couple of low-risk ways patients can engage with the healthcare supply chain via mobile without putting too much of their personal data at risk. Now, the Guardian's Conor Farrington wonders if mobile technology can also be used to offer people better access to mental health treatment.

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Creating a mobile-ready business; The latest BYOX phenomenon: Bring your own app;

>> How to get your business ready for mobile. Four ways to create a mobile-ready business (Forbes) >> New Microsoft phone targets affordable market. Microsoft Devices Group announces...

BlackBerry: There's life in the old dog yet

The U.S. Department of Defense announced plans to allow agency officials to use BlackBerry software to manage Apple- and Android-powered devices across its network. The smartphone maker launched the proprietary software package, Secure Work Space, in 2013 to stay competitive in the mobile industry, once again strengthening itself as a secure mobile provider.

Can mobile devices make the grade in the classroom?

A nationwide survey indicates that 71 percent of U.S. school districts are putting mobile devices in the hands of their students and many more would follow suit if their budgets allowed. Buy-in from school administration hasn't been easy but now districts are facing a new problem: parental acceptance.

Why retailers need to board the e-commerce bandwagon

Not only are consumers visiting retail store websites on their smartphones more frequently than in years past, they're completing more purchases from mobile devices as well.

Smartphone vendors enjoy record shipments

This past quarter saw a 26 percent increase in the number of shartphone shipments worldwide, topping 290 million devices, according to new data from Juniper Research.

Malware-infected mobile devices could compromise mobile POS systems, researchers warn

Mobile devices infected with malware could compromise mobile point-of-sale terminals, warned researchers with MWR InfoSecurity.

Jailbreaking iOS devices: Never say fixed

IT managers find iOS devices attractive both because of their functionality and their rock-solid reputation for security. However, while it is difficult, the latest version of iOS can be successfully hacked and jailbroken, explained Georgia Tech researchers at the Black Hat conference.

Whether active or passive, more job seekers going mobile

Things are definitely picking up in the IT job market, according to several recent forecasts, and IT workers are increasingly going mobile to find new opportunities.

Hilton trains its employees the mobile way

Hilton Worldwide is strengthening worker efficiency through mobile training and BYOD offerings, according to an article at Mobile Enterprise.

Mobile broadband modems are 'easy to attack,' says researcher

Mobile broadband modems, used by business travelers and others to get 4G speeds on their laptops, are vulnerable to web-based attack, warned Andreas Lindh, security analyst with ISecure Sweden, during a session at the Black Hat security conference.