Imagination strong-arms ARM's TrustZone with new OmniShield multizone security platform

In a bid to compete with ARM's TrustZone and similar products, U.K.-based Imagination has introduced a new security platform called OmniShield designed to provide security for mobile, Internet of Things and other connected devices.

Rumored iOS-only Microsoft app is good sign for enterprise users

Rumors abound that Microsoft is developing a new iOS-exclusive mobile application with a twist on traditional email. The openness that Microsoft could be showing with this move and recent other moves is promising for enterprise users who would like to see a more flexible regime in Redmond.

Is your secure messaging product really secure?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group, has taken upon itself to evaluate the secure messaging products that are available on the market. There may be some surprises in store for companies that have already paid for a particular vendor's product.

Spotlight: Authy unveils two-factor authentication for smartphone, Apple Watch

Authy, a startup acquired by Twilio, released on Tuesday a two-factor authentication product for mobile apps and websites that sends a push notification to the user's smartphone or Apple Watch and asks the user to confirm that they want to sign into the app or site that sent the notification.

One Medical beefs up mobile app with dermatology service, vaccine tracker

One Medical Group has added a dermatology service and a vaccine tracker to its mobile medical app, reported VentureBeat.

Dropbox takes big steps on its journey to enterprise acceptance

Dropbox took a number of steps this week on its road to attract enterprise customers.

Samsung releases beta version of Flow, its response to Apple's Continuity

To compete with Apple's Continuity, Samsung has released on Google Play the beta version of its Flow app, which enables users to sync their app activity across devices.

Good Technology gives employees mobile email tool to work with Office documents

Employees spend a lot of time using email, and rely on it to share documents with colleagues.To improve the email experience on mobile devices, Good Technology has unveiled a secure mobile email app that enables employees to view, edit, print, save and share Microsoft Office document attachments.

Spotlight: Microsoft makes Office preview apps available for Android phones

Microsoft is making its Office preview apps available for Android phones users, according to Jared Spataro, general manager for the Office 365 marketing team, in a blog post Tuesday.

Breaking the law for a better yield: Drones, agriculture and FAA delays

New rules regarding commercial drone use were proposed in February, though there's no telling if or when those rules will actually be approved, and some folks in agriculture have decided they don't want to wait.

Speakeasy's mobile app seeks to bring efficiency to conference calling

Startup Speakeasy released Tuesday its flagship mobile app for an improved conference calling experience. While the conference calling space has been filled recently with dial-in services and digital call centers, the Speakeasy Conference Calling app looks to cut itself a slice of market share with straightforward features and workflow integration.

Infographic: Business travellers highly value hotel Wi-Fi, yet only 64% of hotels offer free Wi-Fi

For the business traveler, Wi-Fi connectivity has become essential. Yet many hotels have not caught up with this need.

Egnyte unveils revamped mobile EFSS suite to capitalize on mobile-first trend

In recognition of the mobile-first trend in the enterprises, Egnyte, an enterprise file synchronization and sharing startup, unveiled Tuesday a revamped enterprise mobility suite that is optimized for businesses to access, manage and share online and offline data from the cloud and on-premise.

Spotlight: Apple acquires GPS startup Coherent Navigation

Apple has acquired GPS startup Coherent Navigation for an undisclosed considering, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Progress releases major update to its Telerik enterprise mobile app development platform

Having recently purchased Telerik for $262 million, Progress is releasing a major update to the Telerik Platform for enterprise mobile app development. The updated platform now provides low code development options, enterprise mobile back-end-as-a-service, and a native development framework to provide development flexibility.

Globalstar launches satellite-based asset tracking module SmartOne C

Satellite-based asset tracking is essential for companies that operate in areas without cellular coverage, such as shipping firms or firms that have remote worksites. To meet that need, Globalstar has launched its SmartOne C, the latest module in its satellite-based Simplex asset tracking service.

Many businesses lack adequate policies, controls over mobile workers

Many businesses lack adequate policies and controls over their mobile workers, according to a survey of 330 IT and security pros by the SANS Institute and data storage and information security company Imation.

Enterprises are 'hitting a wall' with back-end integration of mobile apps, says Red Hat

Enterprises are "hitting a wall" when it comes to back-end integration of mobile apps, according to Cathal McGloin, vice president of mobile platforms at Red Hat, a provider of open-source software products to the enterprise.

Spotlight: Apple Watch maker Quanta blames labor shortage for device delays

Apple Watch maker Quanta said that a labor shortage during the Lunar New Year holding was to blaicim for the recent shortage of the sought-after wearable, DigiTimes reported.

MOBI teams with TechData to offer MMS in Canada

MOBI, a managed mobility services firm, has formed a partnership with TechData Canada, a distributor of IT products, logistics management, and other services under which TD will offer MMS in Canada through its TD Mobility and Retail Solutions Sales Division.