Infographic: Mobile 3.0 offers mobile users 'super apps'

Mobile 3.0 offers mobile users a new breed of "super apps" that are displacing one-off purchases with longer term subscription-based services and apps, as well as games offering months of immersive play, explains MEF, a global mobile content and commerce trade association.

"In Mobile 3.0, mobile has become the primary tool for engagement and transaction in consumers' digital lives, creating exciting new opportunities and challenges," says Andrew Bud, MEF global chair.

The shift to Mobile 3.0 was identified in MEF's annual consumer survey of more than 10,000 consumers conducted by On Device Research.

The survey also found that two-thirds of all mobile media users have purchased goods or services from their mobile device. Surprisingly, the poll found that mobile "high spenders" are most prolific in Nigeria, Mexico and Kenya, reflecting the mobile-first ecosystems in these regions.

At the same time, a full 40 percent of respondents said that trust continues to be a barrier to making purchases with their mobile devices.

Check out MEF's full-size infographic here.