Mobility, big data will combine to transform enterprises, says Forrester

Mobility and big data will combine to transform the way firms do business, particularly how they relate to customers, predicts Forrester Research.

"Mobile is transformative but only if you can engage your consumers in their exact moment of need with the right services, content, or information. Not only do you need to understand their context in that moment but you also need insights gleaned from data over time to know how to best serve them in that moment," writes Thomas Husson, a Forrester analyst and co-author of the report on mobile trends for marketers, in a blog.

The report also predicts that mobile contextual data will provide customers insights beyond just the mobile realm. "Most advanced marketers will get that mobile's value as a marketing tool will be measured by more than just the effectiveness of marketing to people on mobile websites or apps. They will start evaluating mobile's impact on other channels," Husson argues.

In addition, Forrester predicts that mobile advertising will begin to mature. "In 2014, we expect new mobile-centric ad formats to emerge, more effective mobile video inventory to grow, and more mobile ad network inventory to shift to the exchanges. Improvements in user identification will be a primary driver for these changes," he adds.

At the same time, Husson does not believe an "industry-accepted, non-cookie standard for user ID will be developed this year, so no one solution will offer massive reach."

Husson and co-author and Forrester analyst Julie Ask are pessimistic about firms catching up with their customers in terms of mobility in the near term. "Your customers' expectations are higher than you can achieve and are evolving faster than you can move--unless you are a mobile leader with Agile development teams in place," they observe.

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