Mobile devices replace desktops as preferred method to open marketing emails

Nearly 65 percent of marketing emails were opened on mobile devices in the fourth quarter, up from 61 percent in the previous quarter, a survey by email marketing firm Movable Ink found.

By contrast, only 35 percent of emails were opened on desktop PCs, down from 39 percent in the previous quarter, according to emails tracked by Movable Ink's clients.

Breaking that down by device type, smartphones accounted for 48 percent of email opens, tablets accounted for 17 percent and desktop PCs accounted for 35 percent, in the fourth quarter.

"This quarter's report shows that we are in the midst of a mobile takeover. In the new year, we expect marketers to continue to place high priority on mobile optimization which will allow them to better engage consumers who are on-the-go with relevant, real-time offers," says Vivek Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Movable Ink.

iOS mobile devices accounted for 50 percent of total email opens, while Android mobile devices accounted for 14 percent of all email opens, up from 10 percent in the previous quarter.

Around 38 percent of iPhone users spent 15 seconds or more viewing each message. Android smartphone users came in at a close second, with 35 percent spending 15 seconds or more viewing an email, according to a Movable Ink blog.

Nearly 60 percent of marketing email opens occurred on smartphones on Thanksgiving, while nearly 40 percent of marketing email opens were on desktops on Cyber Monday.

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