Diagnosing mobile apps' top pain points

Managing mobile apps is a real pain, literally, according to one mobile app operations management firm.

To help IT managers reduce their own pain levels, MokiManage has released a new infographic (.pdf) that outlines the principal causes of your mobile apps headaches, and what you can do about them.

For starters, the firm notes that there were over 50 billion app downloads in 2013 alone. "However, the ecosystem for developing, distributing and maintaining mobile apps is fragmented," the company notes.

If you thought 50 billion app downloads in 2013 was impressive, you haven't seen anything yet. Think in terms of 200 billion by 2017, the company says. To put a value on all this activity, app sales will rocket to a total value of $25 billion by then.

Managing mobile apps effectively starts with asking some basic questions:

- Do you build for iOS or Android first?
- Where and how will you distribute the app?
- What hardware types will you support?
- How will the app be supported?

That said, MobiManage outlines five primary pain points that mobile app developers need to be aware of:

Pain point one: In terms of devices and operating systems, just over half (53 percent) of mobile apps are hosted on Androids, followed by 40 percent on Apple iOS, 3 percent on BlackBerrys, 2 percent on Windows and another 2 percent on other technologies.

Pain point two: In a single app usage session, a user can experience several network connections. Switching connections delays the speed, and the response time for mobile apps "is a lousy 3.28 seconds," the company notes.

Pain point three: Monitoring and support for mobile apps continues to be a problem, and "poor support and time wasted further degrade the user experience." A support team for a popular mobile point-of-sale app received over 35,000 support calls per month, the firm notes.

Pain point four: Support, quality assurance and development teams often have no visibility in the user device or experience, making support very difficult.

Pain point five: Obviously a self-promotional tip, but the firm notes that maintaining corporate or industry compliance can be impossible without proper monitoring tools.

For more:
- download t the MobiManage infographic (.pdf)

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