Xora's mobile workforce platform used by Goodwill

Goodwill Industries in northwest North Carolina uses Xora's mobile workforce management product to record employees' hours, dispatch trucks to pick up donated goods and deliver those goods to Goodwill stores in the region.

Goodwill has 120 mobile employees who staff 60 donation centers, which are trailers deployed in shopping centers, in 33 counties in northwest North Carolina. In addition, Goodwill has three regional operations centers that pick up donated goods from the donation centers and deliver them to 40 Goodwill stores.

"Our job is to move the donated goods from the donation centers out to the stores and then, what the stores don't sell, we bring back to the regional operations centers in the form of salvage. That ends up being recycled and shipped offshore. All of these movements are orchestrated using Xora," explains Dave Martyn, director of logistics at Goodwill of Northwest North Carolina.

Martyn estimates that Xora has enabled Goodwill to save approximately 840 miles of driving to its donation stations each month or over 28 hours saved monthly. "It's important for us to know that the jobs that are being asked for are getting done and that we are not dropping the ball," he adds.

"Our donation center attendants use Xora to log in and out and that updates our payroll system through an interface. That was how we started with Xora," Martyn tells FierceMobileIT.

"A few years ago, we needed something for our transportation organization. I've got 15 vehicles that move those trailers around and deliver product to our 40 stores. The drivers were getting all of their instructions on paper…We decided to deploy Xora's StreetSmart product. So now the donation center personnel use Xora to put in information about their requirements," Martyn relates.

"For example, if I am operating a donation center and my trailer is getting full, I send a work order saying, 'My trailer is getting full; you need to come and take this one and bring me an empty one'….The dispatcher then assigns the job to one of the drivers and it goes to the driver's smartphone with all the information about the job, the navigation information and a phone number," Martyn says. Goodwill provides its employees with the smartphones.

"We are moving donated goods, which are hard to count…We were having disputes with the stores about whether we were making the deliveries or not. We are now using Xora as a proof of delivery. When we set up a job, in this case we call it an order delivery, when that job goes into a store, it prompts the driver to get a signature," says Martyn. "Now we don't have disputes with the stores anymore," he adds.

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