New IBM study offers insights into mobile strategy leaders

As BYOD practices have exploded onto the enterprise scene over the past couple of years, a growing number of organizations have taken the Don't Ask, Don't Tell approach to dealing with the trend. But that won't cut it anymore, and companies need clearly defined and communicated policies, says a recent IBM study.

In its report, "The 'Upwardly Mobile' Enterprise: Setting the Strategic Agenda," IBM notes that mobile leaders don't just tolerate BYOD practices, they engage in BYOD strategies. Such programs are well thought-out, well documented and well communicated. Employees at those firms return the favor with increased productivity.

The returns from well-crafted BYOD strategies aren't just anecdotal. IBM's study revealed that 73 percent of mobile strategy leaders can point to measurable returns on their mobile investments. The study is based on responses from more than 600 respondents who completed the survey online and interviews conducted by research partner Oxford Economics.

The study also found that 90 percent of mobile strategy leaders plan to increase their investments in mobile technology in 2014, according to a CIO Insight article. Not surprisingly, the number one reason was to increase employee productivity.

To illustrate how serious IT leaders are at these firms about their mobile investments, only 20 percent said they view their current mobile strategy as leading in their market. But 44 percent said they expect to exceed their peers within two to three years.

But CIOs aren't kidding themselves about the challenges that lay ahead. Asked to name the top three mobile challenges they face, the respondents cited:

- Integrating mobile apps with systems (54 percent)

- Implementing mobile security solutions for devices and apps (53 percent)

- Reacting to changes in technology and mobile devices within a reasonable amount of time (51 percent)

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