Time is ripe for mobile analytics

Now that many organizations have the front-end of their mobile applications squared away, it's time for them to look at the back-end of their mobile apps; specifically, mobile analytics.

Mobile analytics is likely to be a focus for technology companies, as well. Recent acquisitions by Facebook and Twitter indicate mobile analytics could soon be part of the platforms' broader analytics offerings, noted Seshadri Krishnan, co-founder of location-based travel app Trip38, in an interview with Eye for Travel.                                             

Compared to more sophisticated web analytics tools, mobile analytics still lag in conversion metrics and in tracking, because the use of cookies on mobile hasn't yet been perfected, said Krishnan. By placing a tracking code in the app, Google Analytics can provide some good mobile insights, he added.

His company uses Google Analytics to track app usage time, time spent per session, time spent on various pages and user activity. But a true leader in in-app analytics has yet to emerge, he said.

One app analytics firm is focusing on visual reports to explain the "why" of in-app behavior. Appsee Mobile Analytics provides touch heatmaps, to show where users tap, pinch, swipe in an aggregated view, writes Alon Even, vice president of marketing for the company, in a post at marketing news site Online Behavior.

User recordings are also a common analytics technique on the web, but new to mobile.

"User recordings allow you to see your app in use through your user's eyes, understand how they experience your app, and identify the problems they face," said Even. "This can help you learn, for example, why users ignore a call to action, abandon a cart checkout or what they did to cause a crash."

The variety and maturity of services offered by mobile analytics services varies greatly. And what's important to one organization may not be important to another. For one, Krishnan said a single dashboard across devices and enterprise-wide access to analytics are two features he would like to see offered by such companies moving forward.

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