Despite promised productivity gains, not all organizations embracing mobility

Mobility has the potential to bring significant productivity gains to organizations, but many companies still aren't taking those gains seriously enough, a new report finds.

According to a recent survey from Unisys, 84 percent of mobile enterprises saw an increase in productivity over the past year due to mobility, compared to 70 percent of all organizations. The survey polled nearly 450 businesses worldwide on their mobile technology practices.

Mobile enterprises are those "organizations that are leading the pack when it comes to aligning mobility with a technology road map, success metrics and a governance plan," notes an article at Baseline Magazine.

"Success in mobility requires a concerted, holistic approach encompassing strategy, business applications and the formal measurement of results, in addition to infrastructure engineering," Darren McGrath, global director of mobility solutions for Unisys, was quoted as saying. "A fully planned, cohesive approach can make mobility a true business enabler."

Despite the gains to be had with mobility, many organizations are still slow to embrace them, the study also reveals.

"Surprisingly enough, there are still companies that practically pretend that mobile devices and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) don't exist in the enterprise," the article says. "They refuse to establish any policies or procedures to oversee the employee usage of these devices. These companies are likely to lose ground with respect to product quality, employee productivity and enterprise security."

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