News Scan: BYOD could solve Windows XP problem; Google puts kibosh on Android/Windows tablet; more

>> BYOD could solve enterprise Windows XP upgrade problem

A move to BYOD could be the solution for enterprises facing a massive Windows XP upgrade problem with the end of Microsoft support looming next month, argues Mark Brown, director of information security at Ernst & Young. "BYOD potentially offers a fast track to upgrading outdated systems as employees, who tend to be using new operating systems at home, can thus increase the levels of protection provided to a business IT system. However, this will bring new challenges and risk as it moves away from safer, traditional enterprise IT platforms," Brown is quoted by IT Pro as arguing. Read more on Brown's observations.

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>> Mobile data traffic to hit 200 exabytes in 2019, predicts ABI

Mobile data traffic is forecast by ABI Research to reach 200 exabytes in 2019, data that mobile network operators (MNOs) can use to improve customer service and generate additional revenue. "MNOs and communication service providers are actively looking into big data and analytical solutions. They need tools that can impact their businesses and find new ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency of the networks, increase and generate new revenue streams, and increase quality of experience," says ABI research analyst Sabir Rafiq. MNOs are increasingly using big data analytics to harness all of the data they have available from their networks, Rafiq adds. Read more of ABI's analysis.

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>> Dendroid crimeware turns legitimate Android apps into malware

The Dendroid crimeware tool, which costs $300, enables hackers to turn legitimate Android apps into malware by adding malicious code, explains Symantec in a blog. "Dendroid is a HTTP RAT [remote administration tool] that is marketed as being transparent to the user and firmware interface, having a sophisticated PHP panel and an application APK [application package fine] binder package," writes Symantec researcher Peter Coogan. Some of the Dendroid features include the ability to delete call logs, call a phone number, open Web pages, record calls and intercept text messages. Read more on Dendroid.

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>> Europol warns of increasing public Wi-Fi risks

The European crime agency Europol is warning that attacks are increasing on public Wi-Fi hotspots. "We have seen an increase in the misuse of Wi-Fi, in order to steal information, identity or passwords and money from the users who use public or insecure Wi-Fi connections," Troels Oerting, head of Europol's cybercrime division, tells the BBC. "Everything that you send through the Wi-Fi is potentially at risk, and this is something that we need to be very concerned about both as individual users but also as police," he adds. Read more on Oerting's Wi-Fi warnings.

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>> Google may have pressured Asus to drop Android/Windows tablet

Google may have pressured Asus to drop plans for an Android/Windows tablet, according to a report by AppleInsider, citing Digitimes as the source. The Transformer tablet would have enabled users to run both operating systems on the same device. Asus unveiled the tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. "Users could choose which operating system to boot into using a key on the attached keyboard or with a virtual button in the customized Android installation, and Intel is thought to have been ready to provide financial and marketing assistance for the tablet's launch alongside the rest of Asus's 2014 products," explains the report. Read more on AppleInsider's report.

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