Enterprises look to app stores to manage app experience

Rather than approving or banning mobile applications as employees attempt to download them to devices, some chief information officers are turning to mobile application stores to streamline application management.

App stores provide a single place to instantly distribute apps, said Adam Spearing, area vice president of EMEA for, in a recent Information Age article. The speed of distribution to end users can increase productivity, he said.

"Rather than trying to fight with employees on what they can and can't use, the employer is consumerizing the process of app distribution," Ke Ge, chief executive of Kingsoft Office, told the publication.

While experts say a CIO cannot deploy an app store in a single afternoon, it has become an easier, out-of-the-box process. An enterprise will need to get its app-publishing, and approval and authorization processes in order, however.

Once the platform and internal processes are in place, many enterprises move beyond the apps they initially intended to provide access to.

Gregg Ostrowski, senior director of enterprise developer partnerships at BlackBerry, said custom business intelligence and field service applications are in high demand from employees and thus growing in popularity.

And following deployment, it's important that CIOs provide employees a feedback loop, allowing them to assess employee satisfaction and usage behavior. Enterprises may also need to bump up the number of licenses and monitor when patching is necessary--making inventory and monitoring important, note analysts.

"Categorization of apps, end-user support, maintenance and sunsetting of apps can become challenges if they are not properly addressed through governance and strategy," Nisha Sharma, managing director of Accenture Mobility told Information Age.

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