News Scan: Marketing industry split on location data; European firms dislike BYOD; more

>> Marketing industry split on importance of location data

The marketing industry is split on the importance of location-based data to mobile advertising and marketing efforts, according to a report by Mobile Marketer. "There's been a lot written over the last five years about location-based services and the reality is it's been much more hype than reality, and if you've ever tried to deploy a location-based program, it's been cost prohibitive to do that," Mark Friedman, senior vice president and general manager of mobile marketing at Genesys Cloud, told an panel at Mobile Marketing Day held in New York last week. Taylor Burton, manager of Northeast advertising solutions at PayPal Media Network, disagreed. Location-based data is "going to allow that merchant to see what you purchased in the store previously and how can they guide you through the store," he said. Read more on the Mobile Marketing Day panel.

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>> Close to half of European firms dislike BYOD, says Oracle survey

Around 44 percent of 700 European businesses surveyed by Oracle said they did not like BYOD or allow it in exceptional circumstances, according to a report by Information Age. More than one-quarter restrict BYOD to senior employees only, 22 percent have a complete BYOD ban and 20 percent have no BYOD rules in place. Security was the major reason for the reluctance: 45 percent of respondents said they had concerns about device security, 53 percent were worried about app security, and 63 percent cited data security as their major concern. Read more on the Oracle survey.

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>> Apple to launch 8GB iPhone 5c this week, rumor says

Apple could unveil a new lower-capacity 8 gigabyte iPhone 5c, according to a report by AppleInsider, citing a purported internal email from Germany carrier o2. The iPhone 4s is currently the only iPhone with 8GB of capacity. "A move to replace the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 could make sense, as those devices still use Apple's older dock connector technology and sport smaller, 3.5-inch displays rather than the 4-inch display introduced with the iPhone 5," the report relates. Read more on the 8GB iPhone 5c rumors.

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>> More than 130M mobile video calling users by 2018, predicts Juniper

There will be more than 130 million mobile video calling users by 2018, yet generating revenues from those users will remain a challenge for providers such as Skype, according to Juniper Research. "The role of mobile video calling is becoming clearer. With a number of OTT [over-the-top] players having gained a critical mass of users through the provision of free video services, those players are now introducing an array of premium products or creating revenue-share partnerships to create a viable revenue stream," says Juniper analyst Anthony Cox. Read more on Juniper's analysis of mobile video calling.

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>> Google Play Games' SDK updated for game developers

Google is updating its Google Play Games' cross-platform software development kit (SDK) for game developers, according to a report by TechCrunch. The updates "should make it a lot easier for developers working on titles aimed at iOS, Android and the web to build experiences that span all of the above," the report explains. Among the updates, Google is expanding its multiplayer support to include iOS. Read more on the Google Play Games updates.

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