5 ways to max out on your mobility efforts

CIOs and business leaders alike need to embrace mobility to stay ahead of the competition in most industries today. To aid in that effort, CIO Insight recently published advice on five ways that IT leaders can maximize mobility efforts.

First, use responsive design approaches, the article advises. "Responsive design means coding so that context--text, pictures, video and other elements--not only fits the screen optimally but displays in a way that makes it easy to use and navigate," the article explains.

Second, many organizations put little thought into their consumer-facing applications. Unleash killer apps, the article says. "Today, design and usability are critical, but they do no good if the app doesn't address a real-world problem or make a user's life easier or better," the article points out.

Third, integrate your brand across technology channels. Retailers can be the worst offenders here, the article says, treating online and physical stores as two separate entities. "You want customers to adore your brand? Create an experience where channels don't seem to exist," the article advises.

Fourth, get real with real-time, the article stresses. Technology should be proactive to the customer experience, not reactive to it, "but there's often latency between the transaction and the information that displays on the device," the article states.

Finally, let the customer rule, and that includes the marketing materials they want to receive--emails, text messages, push notifications, etc.--rather than what you want them to get. That includes providing privacy settings and opt-in features, rather than making customers opt-out. "You will have a lot happier and far more loyal customers because they won't feel bothered or bullied," the article concludes.

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