Storage vendors could capitalize on MDM

Server backup software--something of a commodity enterprise IT product--appears to be creeping in on the greener mobile device management market. For CIOs, this may mean bundled solutions are on the horizon or a crossover product, mobile device backup/data protection, could gain popularity as vendors attempt to cross sell these solutions to the enterprise, says Nikolay Yamakawa, a 451 Research analyst.

According to a recent report from the research group, many server backup software and MDM vendors are getting in on the mobile device backup/data protection game.

"Six of the vendors with the most selections in mobile device backup/data protection are major players in server backup software, namely Symantec, EMC, Microsoft, IBM, CommVault and HP," writes Yamakawa in a March 17 blog post.

"Four are MDM leaders, namely BlackBerry, MobileIron, Good Technology and AirWatch," he adds.

Three vendors--Symantec, Microsoft and IBM--span all three categories, according to 451 Research.

Adoption of the three solutions varies, with server backup software being far more established than the others.

According to 451 Research, 98 percent of organizations implemented server backup software and 33 percent increased their budget for the technology in the first half of 2013.

Meanwhile, the firm finds that 59 percent of enterprises had implemented an MDM solution in the second half of 2013 and 46 percent increased their budget.

Mobile device backup/data protection appears to be an area of clear storage/MDM overlap and limited market penetration, says 451 Research. Only 15 percent of large- and mid-size enterprises had adopted and 8 percent had piloted mobile device backup/data protection in the first half of 2013.

"The availability of MDM offerings may provide incumbent backup software vendors with new cross-selling opportunities in the growing mobile device arena and help their existing customers centralize mobile device backup/data protection processes," writes Yamakawa.

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