BYOD certification: Defining the IT skill set

The BYOD phenomenon requires many IT professionals to tap into governance and technical support roles with which they may be less familiar.

"Considering the multi-layered complexities around BYOD implementation, security and management, vendor technology certification seems to be a natural step," writes Will Kelly on The Mobility Hub, a Good Technology-sponsored blog.

Indeed, some vendor-specific certifications appear to be on the way, but a neutral, industry-wide certification has yet to emerge.

Certifications could help organizations select the IT pros best equipped to handle BYOD. The demand is certainly there. A recent survey by IT management and consulting firm Janco Associates found that BYOD-related jobs are among the most sought-after tech positions.

"In the absence of an industry-wide BYOD certification, organizations need to define the technical skills critical to managing the security of their BYOD initiative that their IT staff requires," writes Kelly.

In an interview on Acronis' Sub Zero blog, Janco Associates chief executive Victor Janulaitis outlines some of the necessary skills for BYOD positions. IT pros must be able to design responsive web pages for employees to access company information on a variety of devices and screen sizes and be familiar with cloud computing--as many organizations are putting their applications in the cloud, he says.

A BYOD certification program would ideally ensure that the IT pro has a full understanding of the security and compliance regulations for their state, says Janulaitis. It would also certify that the IT pro is well versed in various information security safeguards and able to scale up and support an influx of traffic should, for example, a snow storm force a large number of employees to work remotely.

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