Wanted: Mobile tech strategy

A discouraging 28 percent of chief information officers surveyed by Robert Half Technology said that their organizations do not have a mobile technology strategy.

The survey is based on 2,300 telephone interviews with CIOs from U.S. firms. More than half said they use a blend of mobile apps and mobile-friendly web pages for their mobile tech strategy.

Healthcare CIOs were the least likely to have a mobile tech strategy, with 36 percent of healthcare CIOs saying they had no mobile tech strategy. "Compliance issues have made it difficult for the healthcare industry to move as quickly as other sectors, but as consumer demand for mobile health information grows, formal mobile strategies are a necessary next step," says John Reed, senior executive director at Robert Half Technology.

The business services and retail industries had the highest percentages of respondents using a blend of mobile apps and mobile-friendly webpages. "To maintain competitive advantage, sectors such as business services and retail need to connect with customers anytime, anywhere, so it's logical to see them leading the charge in implementing mobile strategies," Reed notes.

A full 58 percent of CIOs said their company had not developed a mobile application for customers and clients and had no plans to offer one in the next 12 months. Only 18 percent currently have a mobile app for customers and clients.

"As mobile device use continues to expand, businesses will want to make it easy for customers and clients to connect with them via mobile platforms. This will likely become a 'need to have' versus a 'nice to have' in the next few years," says Reed.

A study by MobiHealthNews conducted in September last year and released earlier this year found that only 205 apps on Apple's App Store and Google Play were developed by hospitals for patients.

The main takeaway from the survey is that more one-quarter of CIOs still do not have a mobile tech strategy, even though mobility is becoming a reality at most organizations. Deploying mobile technologies without a well thought out strategy is just asking for trouble.

At this era of ubiquitous mobility, there is really no excuse for CIOs not to have a mobile tech strategy, not to mention a mobile use policy, in place. - Fred