Tips for getting mobile advertising right

Mobile advertising is increasingly popular with consumers, but there are some special considerations to keep in mind to do it right, notes a Business 2 Community article.

Reporting on take-aways from the South By Southwest convention in Austin, Texas, the publication notes that "mobile advertising effectiveness was on the minds of countless marketing industry professionals in attendance."

So what did these marketing pros have to offer for advice?

First off, in order to guarantee maximum effectiveness and impact, mobile ads should be short, helpful, engaging, as well as topically and geographically relevant, the article says.

Beyond that, mobile marketers should:

  • Simplify design and text--"Customers who browse while on the go want the information they find to be short, sweet and to the point."
  • Use responsive design--There has been an increase "in cross-screen browsing on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops."
  • Incorporate an app--"Consumers like apps and they are more likely to pay attention to a mobile ad if they see that your company or product has an app that can be downloaded."
  • Leverage social media--"Incorporating social media outlets will not only boost mobile traffic, but will create more awareness, especially to mobile-centric products."
  • Focus on location--"By identifying where your target audience will be when they are reading your ads, you can further customize your advertising to your target audience."

For more:
- check out the Business 2 Community article

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