Report: Cloud reliability critical to app performance

Enterprises deploying and managing mobile applications for customers or employees should be just as concerned with the cloud technology that underpins their applications as they are with the actual applications, indicates a new study.

The average mobile application depends on six cloud services and 17 percent depend on 11 or more cloud services, finds a report from mobile applications performance management company Crittercism. The benchmark study is based on data from the company's 1 billion monthly active users. Among the most common cloud services tapped by applications: Facebook logins, Amazon Web Services and Flurry.

"Apps depend on many underlying cloud services, which means they not only need to be free of crashes, but the services they depend on must also work and be available," write the report's authors.

Beyond cloud service response time and reliability, the report says app uptime performance is a key metric for usability and satisfaction. Forty-seven percent of apps crash more than 1 percent of the time and 32 percent have a crash rate greater than 2 percent, finds the study.

Android crash rates are highest, with Gingerbread leading the pack. Meanwhile, Apple devices were more stable with iOS 7.1 touting the lowest crash rate. For both Android and Apple, apps on tablets crashed more than apps running on smartphones.

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- check out Crittercism's "Mobile Experience Benchmark"

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