Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will work to develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improve access to big data for organizations.

The Industrial Internet Consortium being formed by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel wants to break down barriers to IoT integration.

The consortium will encourage IoT innovation by using existing and creating new industry use cases and test beds for real-world applications; providing best practices, reference architectures, case studies and standard requirements to ease deployment of connected technologies; lobby the global standards development process for Internet and industrial systems; encourage open forums to share and exchange real-world ideas, practices, lessons and insights; and foster innovative approaches to IoT security.

"As an industry, we've come to the conclusion that for the Internet of Things to really take off, we needed more interoperability, better building blocks and better standards," Abhi Ingle, a senior vice president of AT&T's advanced solutions group, is quoted by The New York Times blog as saying.

As founding members, AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel will each hold permanent seats on an elected steering committee along with four other elected members. The consortium has open membership for any public or private business, organization or entity interested in participating.

The White House plans to work with the consortium to encourage development of IoT products and systems based on a common standard, says US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

"Academia and industry understand the need to identify and establish new foundations, common frameworks and standards for the Industrial Internet, and are looking to the IIC to ensure that these efforts come together into a cohesive whole," says Janos Sztipanovits, professor of engineering at Vanderbilt University.

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- check out the consortium's release
- read the NYT blog

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