News Scan: Google's Glasshole move at PTO; Bad karma for Credit Karma's mobile app; more

>> Patent office objects to Google effort to trademark the term 'Glass'

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is not buying Google's argument that it should be able to trademark the term "Glass," according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. In a letter to the company, the PTO said the trademark was too similar to other computer software trademarks that contain the word "glass," creating the risk of confusion among consumers. In addition, the term "Glass" is "merely descriptive" and not eligible for trademark protection "absent a showing of acquired distinctiveness," according to the report. Read more

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>> FTC settles with Fandango, Credit Karma over insecure mobile apps

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has settled with Fandango and Credit Karma over concerns that their mobile apps may have exposed sensitive personal information of consumers. "Fandango and Credit Karma failed to take reasonable steps to secure their mobile apps, leaving consumers' sensitive personal information at risk," the FTC says in a release. As part of the settlement, Fandango and Credit Karma have agreed to set up comprehensive security programs designed to address security risks during the app development process and to undergo independent security assessments every other year for the next 20 years. Read more

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>> BlackBerry pushes encrypted BBM for security-conscious industries

BlackBerry is pushing its encrypted BBM Protected messaging service to industries that need a high-level of data security, according to a report by Computerworld. BBM Protected was launched in February as part of the eBBM suite of products that works with BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. "We're getting lots of customer interest from security-conscious customers because there's no solution that provides this balance with security and manageability, along with a great user experience," Thad White, director of BBM for Business, is quoted by the report as saying. Read more

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>> Mobile usage, advertising on the rise in U.S. market

Mobile usage surpassed desktop usage in the U.S. market for the first time last year, according to the latest stats from comScore cited by Mobile Marketer. "The rapid evolution in mobile usage will only expand," says Adam Lella, marketing insights analyst at comScore. The shift to mobile is evident in social media advertising. For example, mobile accounted for 53 percent of Facebook's fourth-quarter 2013 ad revenue. In addition, three-quarters of Twitter's advertising revenue came from mobile. Read more

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>> Tablet sales to explode in Latin America over next four yearsAp

By 2018, tablet sales in Latin America are forecast by Pyramid Research to reach 37.7 million units, which will equal nearly 9 percent of the total global tablet market. This compares with last year, when 14.2 million tablets were sold in Latin America, accounting for 6 percent of global tablet sales. Read more

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