3 trends to transform enterprise mobility

It seems everyone has a crystal ball and a prediction for the next big thing in mobility, but when the analysis comes from someone actually putting their money where their mouth is, it's worth pausing to listen.

Navin Chaddha, managing director of early-stage venture capital firm Mayfield Fund, says there are three trends that will spawn the next generation of enterprise mobility solutions.

First, writes Chaddha in a Venture Beat column, web infrastructures will reach a tipping point and be unable to meet employees' mobile demands. While many organizations are moving to cloud technologies, their data is not stored in mobile-optimized formats and they cannot provide uninterrupted connectivity.

"In the current climate of mobile front-ends and cloud back-ends, I think the industry needs a mobile-first [content delivery network], almost a next-generation Akamai (one of my past investments), built from the ground up to deliver rich media content across all device types," writes Chaddha.

The second revolutionary trend has to do with the explosion of mobile apps in the enterprise--both employer vetted and provided, and employee acquired. According to Chaddha, vendors will have to move beyond mobile device management or mobile application management to platforms that also manage corporate data on the mobile web.

"IT teams will be required to use these products to manage data, security, provisioning, and availability of all the apps that employees use for work--whether they are official company apps or not," predicts Chaddha.

The final transformative trend Chaddha highlights is the rise of mobile usage by the non-tech savvy. This has already begun to take hold for workers in field services, but he says some previously overlooked fields will also benefit, such as education, fintech and healthcare.

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