Rich shoppers to retailers: Go mobile if you want a piece of me

Much has been written about the increasing popularity of mobile commerce, or m-commerce, but new research reveals that if retailers want to lure the cream-of-the-crop shoppers, they'd better arm sales associates with mobile devices.

That is the one of the findings by YouGov in its "2014 Survey of Affluence and Wealth." Not the typical survey we report on here at FierceMobileIT, this one is all about the rich, their toys and how they acquire them.

Luxury Daily recently reported on the survey findings and their significance for retailers that go after the high-end market. These shoppers are savvy, fussy and use mobile devices to do their homework before making a purchase. The report surveyed 1,700 individuals with a minimum discretionary income of $100,000.

"Eighty percent of U.S. respondents answered that they know what they want when purchasing a luxury product or service before interacting with a sales associate. Of the 12 countries surveyed, respondents agreed with this notion between 64 percent and 91 percent," the article notes.

The article also looked at findings by the Forrester Research report "A New Generation of Clienteling," which revealed that "66 percent of luxury customers are more willing to interact with a sales associate equipped with a mobile device."

Why so? Apparently the rich don't trust sales associates to really know product information.

"With the role of sales associates changing, bringing mobile technology into stores may help re-establish trust while creating an enhanced experience for customers," the article says.

For more:
- check out the YouGov survey
- read the Luxury Daily article
- see the Forrester report highlights

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