Marketers need to adopt mobile-unique approach to mobile ads

Marketers need to adopt a mobile-unique approach to mobile advertising, rather than a mobile-first approach, advises Forrester Research.

In a new report cited in a VentureBeat article, Forrester says that marketers are failing to understand the unique nature of advertising on mobile devices and are stymied by multiple device types, operating systems and lack of standards, to name only a few obstacles.

"While it seems as if mobile advertising is poised for success, in reality, most marketers still aren't seeing great performance and are having difficulty justifying spend," Forrester explains.

The problem is that most mobile ads "still resemble mini-desktop ads." Marketers often think that since desktops and mobile devices are both digital in nature, it is a matter of translating the desktop ads to the mobile device.

"But mobile devices are completely different [because mobile users are] task-oriented, trying to get something done," Jennifer Wise, Forrester analyst and report author, tells VentureBeat. Mobile users expect "contextual relevancy for all their experiences," she adds.

A mobile-unique approach would include automatically optimizing ads for various mobile devices from the same set of assets. The approach would also take advantage of location-based information and the device's camera to incorporate photos into the ad experience, explains Wise.

"Marketers can use screen size limitations as a boost for engagement, such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau's filmstrip format that starts as a tiny sliver at the top and then explodes full-screen into a rich media experience. Or they can develop ads that are 'seamlessly integrated' into publisher's content, one variation of the 'native ad' format," the article explains.

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