Gaining inCITE into consumerization of IT

I'm heading to the CITE Conference next week in San Francisco to take the pulse of the consumerization of enterprise IT. This will be my first time attending the powwow, so I'm curious to see what I'll learn from the trip.

A glance at the agenda suggests that the conference will touch on relevant consumerization of IT themes such as BYOD, enterprise mobile app development, mobile talent management, mobile device and app security, enterprise social business transformation, mobile M2M, tablets in the workplace and mobility strategies.

There are also some curious choices for seminar topics, such as the multi-cloud model and the Mars landing and letting your employees to "go rogue."

I'm particularly curious to hear the keynote with Sundhar Annamalai, executive director of AT&T Advanced Mobility Solutions, and John Gallant, senior vice president and chief content officer at IDG Enterprise. They plan to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the connected organization.

Annamalai will talk about how a "highly secure infrastructure will serve as a guide to capture and process synthesized data from our connected society which allows you to deliver powerful contextual information tailored to employee preferred devices. This blueprint can drive better business processes and potential profits, while gaining employee productivity and satisfaction," the agenda write-up explains.

In addition, there will be some interesting panel discussions involving end users of mobile technology. For example, Michael Weeder, retail systems architect at True Value Company, will talk about how his company, which has 4,000 hardware stores, launched a mobile app inventory using a communications plan.  

Gloria Burke, chief knowledge officer at Unisys, will describe how Unisys implemented an enterprise social business transformation effort that connected 23,000 dispersed employees and enabled them to connect, share and learn using a common enterprise-wide social platform.

Also, Lawrence Bader, director of UPS application development for transportation systems at UPS, will discuss how his firm implemented a mobile M2M system for its truck drivers by integrating M2M with legacy systems, greatly improving on-time performance.

I will be sharing these stories and more with you from the conference and will be conducting onsite Q&As that I will share with you over the next few weeks. Stay tuned. - Fred