Battery draining? There's an app for that!

If your smartphone seems to lack energy and you find yourself looking for the nearest wall outlet more than you like, the fault may be with your apps--not your phone.

That is the finding of a new study from Alcatel-Lucent that gauged the efficiency of mobile apps. According to the firm, many apps are decidedly indiscriminate with your battery life. Among the worst offenders: Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber and Nimbuzz.

"These apps, by their nature, are constantly rousing the phone to send or receive a message," notes an article on the study by Re/code.

The article explains that some of the apps listed contact the mobile network repeatedly with orders to alert the phone whenever a message is received. That function serves to repeatedly wake the device from its dormant state and uses battery life in the process.

Other apps hold a radio channel open to the device so that it can continue sending and receiving messages and avoid the need to wake the device. But again, the result is battery drain.

Alcatel-Lucent also examined which mobile apps most tax network resources and consume the most data. According to the article, the applications that put the most demand on networks are Google Search, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and YouTube.

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