News Scan: Apple throttles back on debt offering; Marketers make 'long overdue' mobile investments; more

>> Apple throttles back on debt offering

Apple has scaled back on its debt offering, offering a mere $12 billion, instead of the rumored $17 billion, according to a report by Re/code. The money is intended to fund its $90 billion share buyback program and huge dividend payments, while keeping its billions in cash overseas out of the reach of U.S. tax authorities. Read more.

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>> Marketers to make 'long overdue' investments in mobile marketing

Marketers are expected to make "long overdue" investments in mobile marketing tools and techniques this year, according to Gartner. "Until now, many marketers have taken a cautious approach to mobile because it involves so many variables such as different operating systems, devices and carriers. Now that more than 50 percent of American adults are smartphone owners, marketers are compelled to develop mobile strategies that ensure their products and services can be found, and purchased, by consumers on the go," says Michael McGuire, research vice president at Gartner. Read more.

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>> Indian firms see mobility as a top IT priority

More than one-third of Indian enterprises surveyed by IDC identified mobility as a top IT priority this year. Unfortunately, many of these firms have taken a reactive approach to mobility. "We expect enterprises of all size to pay strong attention to their increasingly mobile-first customers and drive mobility across their businesses," says Shiv Putcha, associate research director of consumer mobility at IDC Asia/Pacific. Read more.

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>> Mobile location-based services fueled by emerging markets, advertising

Mobile location-based service, or LBS, growth is being fueled by lowering barriers to LBS in emerging markets, as well as growth in mobile advertising and indoor LBS, according to Strategy Analytics. "Falling price points for GPS-enabled handsets coupled with rising mobile data adoption will boost LBS adoption and use. Furthermore, increasing activity around indoor maps and accurate indoor positioning technology via low-energy Bluetooth beacon technology and Wi-Fi will enable the rise of indoor LBS, including proximity marketing on mobile devices," says Strategy Analytics. Read more.

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>> Nurses increasingly using mobile devices, apps

Nurses are increasing their use of mobile devices and apps, according to a survey of around 1,000 nurses by Springer Publishing cited in an eWeek story. Nursing academics and practitioners reported an increase in ownership of smartphones, tablets and e-book readers compared to last year. "One major finding this year is the significant increase in mobile device ownership, especially in smartphone and tablet ownership. As may be expected, particularly considering this jump in smartphone and tablet use, app use has also increased," says Pascal Schwarzer, vice president of digital business development at Springer Publishing. More.

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