BYOD now a fact of life for majority of college students

Bring-your-own-device practices continue to rise among organizations, but on college campuses they are already a taken-for-granted reality.

A new study by Ipswitch finds that, at any given time, a majority (67 percent) of college students have two to four devices connected to their campus networks. Furthermore, 63 percent of students spend anywhere from one to four hours a day streaming media over campus wireless networks.

Despite the proliferation of BYOD on college campus, only one in five students (23 percent) said they were aware of what the campus-wide BYOD policy is at their school.

In an email to FierceMobileIT, the company notes that a "survey of 313 students attending U.S. colleges and universities revealed that they are largely unaware of the potentially severe impact that BYOD and related online activity have on the performance of campus Wi-Fi networks."

Students did have strong opinions about Wi-Fi performance issues, however. The top concerns cited by respondents were slow connection times (cited by 63 percent), accessibility issues (cited by 50 percent) and security (cited by 36 percent).

The survey also revealed that while college students are overwhelmingly practicing BYOD, most aren't familiar with the term.

"Nearly three-fourths of all students polled (73 percent) did not know what the "D" stood for in BYOD. More than one-third thought the "D" in BYOD stood for "dinner" while one-third though it meant "date". One in five students (27 percent) correctly identified the term," the firm said.

Aside from this awareness challenge, what are students using BYOD for?

  • The vast majority of students polled use their wireless devices for coursework (cited by 94 percent)
  • More than half (60 percent) spend 1-3 hours a day doing so
  • One-third of all students polled (33 percent) spend 1-3 hours a day doing homework via their wireless devices
  • Half (51 percent) spend the same amount of time chatting, texting or entertaining themselves
  • More than three-fifths (63 percent) of students polled spend 1-4 hours streaming media using services such as Spotify, Netflix and YouTube
  • More than one-third (35 percent) of students indicated that they spend an average of 1-2 hours a day streaming media over their campus wireless networks
  • 28 percent of students spend 2-4 hours doing so

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