Security tops enterprise mobility worries

Security is the top concern for enterprises when it comes to mobility, according to the latest Mobility Index report prepared by enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology.

"Security is at the heart of every conversation we're having with customers, and this quarter more than ever, we're seeing the data reflect the significant investment they are making to keep their data secure," says Christy Wyatt, CEO and President of Good Technology.

This concern is prompting a marked rise in activations of secure apps. According to data compiled from Good Technology's more than 5,000 customers worldwide, secure enterprise app activations rose 57 percent sequentially in the first quarter of 2014, and secure browsing app activations soared by 2,900 percent sequentially in the quarter.

By platform, Apple continues to dominate enterprise activations: iOS took 72 percent of total device activations and 93 percent of total app activations in the first quarter.

By form factor, tablets recorded twice the number of enterprise app activations versus smartphones in the quarter.

The insurance industry was a strong category this quarter, recording 12 percent of total device activations as well as 11 percent of iPad activations.

Other new categories that emerged in the top 10 for total iPad activations were high-tech and energy and utilities.

"Productivity, collaboration, efficiency ... these can only be realized when mobility is coupled with security.  Organizations are seeing there's no room, or reason, to compromise on one or the other," concludes Wyatt.

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