Mobile App Roundup: Harnessing your conversations; Overcoming jet lag; more

Glip opens a versatile messaging channel for your whole team, allowing a seamless relationship between communication and workflow. Think Skype with file sharing and calendar and email integration. According to the developers, fluid conversation and extemporaneous ideas, things lost in the stop-and-go nature of an email and phone tag work culture, are made possible with the real-time, ongoing conversations the app provides. Messages can be shared across multiple platforms, including Web browsers, desktops and iOS and Android devices.

Another email-integrated app that promises much more, Acompli looks to make your busy life manageable. An umbrella approach to contacts, calendar and email allows users to remain in the app to make changes across all iOS platforms. One feature that sets it apart from other email apps is in-app access to recently emailed documents, a must for mobile professionals. The program also supports swipe functions, so pesky spam or dead conversations will be gone with a flick.

Everything you lose is always in the last place you look. With Snupps, you'll already know where that last place is. This app lets you digitize your real world possessions and organize them virtually. It's like a personal inventory for your smartphone, tablet or computer. The developers have included a collection function, which lets you separate your things into groups and all of your lists are private unless you choose to share them.

Circadian clocks? Lighting history? If you don't know what they are, Entrain does. Much scientific research has gone into the study of sleep patterns and how they are disrupted by traveling long distance. The developers of this app have harnessed that information to help users beat the dreaded jet lag phenomenon. The simple app records your location and arrival time and creates a plan to help your body adjust to a new time zone. Entrain includes features like scheduling, graphs to present your sleep efficiency and the recommended sleep schedule for any time zone.

And once you beat jet lag, use Google's Field Trip app to take in your new locale. While it has been around since last summer, the development team adds new features often--the most recent was voice commands for Google Glass in the beginning of May--and is working to include more functions with wearable devices. The app will determine your location and present facts and reviews on virtual cards for popular destinations, hangouts and historical spots. It's the perfect app for traveling in a new city.