Walmart ramps up mobility with e-receipts

Major retailer Walmart is enhancing its mobile platform by adding e-receipts as an alternative to the normal paper slip usually given to customers, according to a Mobile Commerce Daily article.

What's the big deal? Plenty of retailers offer e-receipts, you might say.

The difference in Walmart's strategy is that the e-receipts aren't just emailed copies of regular receipts. These recorded purchases are organized and stored within the user's Walmart mobile app, and the customer is able to utilize them to perform actions like making a new shopping list, says the article.

The e-receipts can be delivered to the customer in two ways--by scanning a QR code on a regular receipt or by providing the cashier with a mobile number before having it sent electronically.

In an interview with Mobile Commerce Daily, Wendy Bergh, vice president of mobile and digital strategy at Walmart Global Ecommerce, said that e-receipts in product exchange situations are a plus for customers because they don't have to carry around paper receipts.

Walmart's mobile app also offers the popular shopping list feature. Customers are able to see prices and product descriptions as they are making their shopping lists, according to the article. Bergh opines that the e-receipts will enhance the shopping list feature with the data collected on previously bought items.

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