BYOD success starts with employee training

Data security remains a major concern of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices, and a new survey finds that 100 percent of those polled use open public Wi-Fi networks for work activities. That means some training is definitely called for to help employees better understand the risks BYOD poses.

A blog at Tech Radar reports on a recent survey by GFI Software of workers in the U.K. "A staggering 100 percent of those queried said they use open public Wi-Fi for work activities – and much of this access is from personal devices that likely have a lower level of installed or enabled security than company-issued machines."

The study also found that 20 percent of respondents have no security enabled on their devices, while just 5 percent have corporate security policies enforced on their devices.

The problems also don't end with public Wi-Fi.

"While public Wi-Fi presents major security concerns, corporate Wi-Fi presents both security and bandwidth challenges," Doug Barney, director of IT research at GFI Software writes in a blog post. "Combine BYOD unknowns with Wi-Fi uncertainties and you could have real security problems."

Regardless of how secure an organization may feel its data is, without a clear BYOD policy, the security efforts may be for nothing, Barney states.

"Doing BYOD right means having a policy, training users on it, and sticking to it," Barney concludes. "A well-designed and implemented policy can help mitigate these issues:"

  • Hacker access to a network
  • Infecting a network with viruses and malware
  • Failing to follow compliance regulations, opening a firm up to lawsuits
  • Data theft and improper distribution of confidential information
  • Misuse of BYOD creating help desk nightmares

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