Beyond Verbal's emotion-recognition tech could change customer service

Beyond Verbal--a startup based in Tel Aviv--is developing a technology that recognizes human emotion behind words, according to an article in GigaOm. Innovation like this could shake things up in the enterprise--particularly for customer service.

With $3.8 million in venture funding, Beyond Verbal has created algorithms and software that "can detect both human emotion, intent and also elements of personality" based solely on how a person speaks into the technology, according to the article.

Imagine using this technology to detect the emotions of a customer calling in for assistance with a product. GigaOm suggests that the app could be used for "sentiment analysis across phone calls to gauge how a large business is doing when it comes to customer service, or even flagging interactions that might cause problems later for business."

Dan Emodi, the vice president of marketing for Beyond Verbal, explains that the technology can be tested on an iOS app called "Moodies." You simply press a button on your screen and talk for at least 20 seconds so that the app can register your mood.

I've tested it out and below are screenshots of my results. Odd and fascinating. It is available for free at the App Store.


The challenge, according to Emodi, is selling Beyond Verbal to companies. He hopes that business leaders tinker with the technology and decide to acquire it for themselves. This would lead to those firms leveraging new ways to use emotion recognition in the enterprise.

Beyond Verbal is a finalist in GigaOm's Structured Launchpad competition--an event designed to show off startups driving innovation within IT.

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