Startup Quip takes on the big boys with revamped mobile word processing app

Startup Quip is taking on big boys Microsoft, Apple and Google with a revamped Web and mobile word processing app called Quip 2.0 that provides users with new publishing and search capabilities.

Quip 1.0 launched last July and is now used by over 5,000 companies, including Path, Taser, Zomato and Facebook, for whom Quip leader Bret Taylor used to serve as chief technology officer. Quip 1.0 includes a word processor and built-in messaging capability.

In an AppStorm review of Quip 1.0, Oliver de Looze writes: "Due to the built-in messaging system, there's no need to save your documents and email them, or even share them outside the app itself. This is where Quip sets itself apart from its competitors such as Google Docs or iWork for iCloud."

The upgrade to Quip 2.0 adds the ability to publish documents and share them with colleagues who don't have the Quip app installed, and a full-text search system that works on all devices, the company explained on a blog.

In addition, the upgrade includes a new app design that makes it easier to navigate between documents and private chats, and Quip documents can now be exported to Microsoft Word.

The company has a clearly ambitious goal: It wants to take on Microsoft, Apple and Google in the mobile office productivity suite market. So far, Quip has raised $15 million in venture capital funding, the report notes.

The updated Quip 2.0 follows release last month by Quip of an application programming interfaced designed for enterprise app developers. In addition, the company has announced plans to add spreadsheet and presentation capabilities to its software offerings, according to a report by IDG News Service.

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