News Scan: Happy 10th, mobile malware; Glu Mobile wants $30M in IPO; more

>> Happy 10th anniversary, mobile malware

The first piece of mobile malware--Cabir--appeared in June 2004. The malware infected Nokia phones running the now defunct Symbian mobile operating system. "Cabir, also known as Caribe, was a family of Symbian viruses that kicked off the mobile malware problem. More of a research curiosity than a dangerous virus, Cabir spread using Bluetooth. That meant it could jump between phones as they came into proximity--as happens all the time on buses and trains, at work, in shops, and so on," explains security research Paul Ducklin in Sophos' Naked Security blog. Read more

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>> Mobile games maker Glu Mobile wants to raise $30M through IPO

Free-to-play mobile games firm Glu Mobile is looking to raise $30 million through a public stock offering, reports Polygon. Glu Mobile, whose games include Eternal Warriors and Deer Hunter, is offering 8.5 million shares of stock for $3.50 per share, with the offering set to close June 4. Glu Mobile developed GameSpy, a multiplayer platform for mobile devices, game consoles and computer devices, is being shutdown. Read more

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>> Tablets are device of choice for the C suite

Tablets are the device of choice among C-suite executives, according to a survey of 555 C-suite execs by Frost & Sullivan. The tablet penetration rate of C-level execs was close to 50 percent last year. Around one-third of C-level execs said they are looking to replace their laptop with a tablet. "In the tablets segment, Samsung Galaxy and Microsoft Surface are both expected to expand their share substantially, though neither is likely to pose a notable threat to Apple in the short-term," says Brent Iadarola, mobile and wireless research director at Frost. Read more

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>> Chase, U.S. Bank have best mobile banking functionality, says Forrester

Chase and U.S. Bank are the top U.S. banks in terms of mobile banking functionality, according to Forrester Research. The market researcher evaluated the five largest retail banks across a range of criteria, including range of touchpoints, enrollment and login, account and money management, transactional features, service features, cross-channel, and marketing and sales. "Today, banks have to develop mobile banking services for many different smartphone and tablet platforms, not to mention mobile browsers," explains Peter Wannemacher, senior analyst with Forrester. Read more

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>> Vehicle active control systems market to accelerate

The market for active control systems in autonomous vehicles is forecast by IHS Technology to increase fivefold between 2013 and 2020. Revenue from active-control systems is set to reach $883.9 million in 2020, up from $187.3 million last year. "Passive mechanisms in the autonomous vehicle help identify potentially hazardous conditions, but the driver is still fully responsible for avoiding an incident. In active-control systems, however, the mechanism takes over if the driver does not react to warnings so that the vehicle can avoid an accident or minimize the impact of a collision," explains Akhilesh Kona, analyst for automotive semiconductors at IHS. Read more

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