This week's 5 hot new apps: Panera's fully-baked app; Play 'Marco Polo' with your phone; more

Considering there are more than 50 million searches each year for movie products, it's apparent that everyone wants to look like their movie character. Now with The Take, James Bond's Aston Martin, Tony Starks' sunglasses or Jay Gatsby's linen jacket can all be yours with a few swipes on a smartphone. The app uses a process similar to Shazam--audio recognition that identifies how far into a movie you are--to display stills from the exact scene onscreen. It then highlights a few items, including clothing, gadgets and locales, and lets the user shop for them online. The Take has plans to extend to TV shows and will launch on mobile devices and wearables, such as Google Glass, soon.

"Is there a doctor in the house?" has become a redundant question thanks to First Opinion, a preventative care-focused app that makes sure an M.D. is always just a text away. With an emphasis on prenatal care, the app allows expectant couples to text a physician with any questions they may have. To create a patient-doctor relationship, the app matches the user up with one specialist and keeps them paired throughout the entire time of use. The doctor will, of course, bill for time, but the first text is free and affordable packages are available.

Since Snake made its debut on Nokia phones in the '90s, you've been able to play games on your phone. But now, you can actually play games with your phone. Marco Polo is the inventive location app for absent-minded people. If you can't find your smartphone, simply yell, "Marco" and your phone will respond, "Polo." It's basic but effective, and the app may be a good idea for users whose phones seem to hop out of their pockets and go exploring on their own.

It's hard keeping up with the hectic music world: bands break up, plan secret shows and are not known as the most punctual organizations on the planet. So why not let an app take care of your concert scheduling for you? StubHub has launched StubHub Music, a new app that scans the user's music library, customizes concert preferences based on taste and notifies the user when one of their favorite bands is coming to town. The app is similar to other programs--such as SongKick and Bandsintown--but has the added feature of built-in StubHub functionality.

Cafe and bakery chain Panera Bread is making a lot of changes at the corporate level, and the company is trying to make a bigger impact in the mobile game with an updated app. The new program provides mobile users with familiar restaurant app features, including a closest restaurant locator, ordering for dine-in or pick-up direct from the app and a delivery option. The app also gives full-menu access and nutritional facts for every item. It is an all-around solid app that could help the company overcome the struggles it has faced for over a year, and executives know it: Panera locations are touting the update on doors and in-store.