Having abandoned work-from-home, Yahoo wants to be mobile-first firm

Having made news for canceling the company's work-at-home program, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is pushing ahead with plans to transform the company into a mobile-first firm.

Mayer's right-hand man in that effort is Adam Cahan, senior vice president of mobile and emerging products, who heads Yahoo's mobile division. Cahan admits that Yahoo has been playing catch-up in developing mobile products.

"We're at that user moment where we have enough meaning in terms of scale [in mobile]. So then you start to focus on things like monetization," Cahan observes in an interview with CNET.

As part of that effort, Yahoo launched Gemini, which is a unified mobile search and advertising marketplace. "Gemini is a big bet on our part on where we think mobile advertising in particular, but advertising in general, is going," Cahan relates.

"One of the things that was broken early on in mobile was we were bringing a lot of the desktop metaphors to our devices. Quite literally, we were taking the display ad and shrinking it, and sticking it on the screen. To me, that's a broken metaphor," he said.

Instead, Yahoo is now focused on the mobile user experience and looking at the context of what the mobile user is doing. "I think we're seeing tremendous strides there. And I'm a big believer," he says.

"At the end of the day, the journey for Yahoo is the proof in growth. What we want to show the world is that we can return this company to growth," Cahan concludes.

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