News Scan: Apple to sell 39M iPhones in Q2; NFL Sunday Ticket to AT&T mobile customers?; more

>> Apple to sell 39M iPhones in second quarter

Apple is expected to sell 39 million iPhones in the second quarter, according to data from Morgan Stanley's AlphaWise survey obtained by AppleInsider. This compares with 31.2 million iPhones shipped in the same quarter last year and 26 million in the 2012 second quarter. The Wall Street consensus estimates that 35 million iPhones will be shipped in the second quarter, according to AppleInsider. Read more

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>> AT&T could offer DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket to wireless customers

AT&T is considering offering NFL Sunday Ticket to wireless customers following its $49 billion DirecTV purchase, the Wall Street Journal reports. At an analyst meeting last week, AT&T management said that the NFL Sunday Ticket will be the cornerstone of future product bundles and that it would consider exempting streaming NFL games from counting toward wireless subscriber data limits, the report says. Read more (sub. req.)

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>> Mobile workforce fuels demand for cloud in U.S., Europe

The rise of the mobile workforce is fueling the demand for cloud computing in the United States and Europe, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan. "The share of remote and mobile workers is expected to increase over the next three years and change business technology requirements. The cost impact of supporting these new business needs will be felt more intensely by IT decision-makers in the United States than those in Europe," judges Karolina Olszewska, a research analyst with Frost & Sullivan. Read more

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>> Chinese smartphone makers beef up mobile content, service

Chinese handset makers, which make up five of the top 10 smartphone makers in the world, are making progress in offering mobile content and services, judges market research firm Strategy Analytics. "One of the things that have impressed us the most is the speed at which the Chinese vendors, especially the four featured in this analysis, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi, have expanded their footprints in the mobile content and service domains," says David MacQueen, executive director for apps and media at Strategy Analytics. Read more

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>> Mobile device production to generate 115M tons of greenhouse gases by 2019

Mobile device production will generate more than 115 million tons of greenhouse gases annually by 2019, a 30 percent increase from the level this year, according to Juniper Research. The 115 million tons is equivalent to 60 years of flights from London Heathrow airport or the annual emissions from 22.6 million cars. Juniper says that mobile device vendors "have made progress on reducing their own carbon emissions but have not prioritised environmental sustainability to the extent required to drive their suppliers into action." Read more

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