News Scan: BlackBerry releases secure enterprise BBM; Tapatalk raises $5.8M; more

>> BlackBerry releases secure BBM for the enterprise

BlackBerry released a secure version of its BBM instant messaging services designed for enterprises Monday. The version, called BBM Protected, provides enhanced security for messages sent between BlackBerry smartphones. "BBM Protected is the only secure mobile instant messaging app that uses a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library," says BlackBerry in a release. BBM Protected for iOS and Android is expected later this year. Read more

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>> Startup mobile forum app Tapatalk raises $5.8M

Tapatalk, a startup that provides an easy-to-use mobile interface for online forums, has raised $5.8 million in venture capital, Re/code reports. Tapatalk provides a personalized news feed for a user's favorite forums. "Our approach is always to respect existing content that has been around since the beginning of the Internet," Tapatalk CEO Winter Wong is quoted by Re/code as saying. So far, millions of people have downloaded the app, which previously cost $4 but is now is free. Read more

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>> Cycling and golf among the uses to spur PND sales

The use of personal navigation devices (PND) for cycling, eyewear, golf and personal tracking is expected to spur a flagging PND market, predicts ABI Research. "Short-term, these are the markets that will enable Garmin, TomTom and others to transition away from the PND market, creating sustainability as they move longer term towards new opportunities in automotive and commercial. For GPS IC vendors, it is clear that these markets are now large enough to justify new IC designs capable of meeting the demand for always-on, high accuracy, ubiquitous location," says Dominique Bonte, vice president and practice director at ABI. Read more

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>> Report: Samsung working on a tablet with screen that folds

Samsung is reportedly working on a tablet with a screen that can fold, according to a report by Android Authority. The folding tablet would have an 8-9 inch OLED high-definition display that would fold into three panels. The folding tablet could be available commercially by next year, according to the report. It is "unclear how well Android would work with such a design either and Samsung would likely need to custom-tailor a few of its apps to best take advantage of the folding design," the report adds. Read more

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>> Android users spending more time on their devices

Android users in the U.S. on average spent 138 minutes on their devices in May, up 20 percent from the average usage in December, according to the latest stats from Strategy Analytics. "The three big categories are social, communication and browsing--together they account for nearly a third of the time spent. Our analysis on the top 25 apps across each of the categories shows games and lifestyle segments are among the most vulnerable in maintaining mindshare as they are quick to come and disappear from our rankings," says Bonny Joy, chief of consumer telemetry platforms at Strategy Analytics. Read more

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