News Scan: Athletes try out iWatch; Android dodges patent bullet; more

>> Apple reportedly invites athletes to sample iWatch

Apple has reportedly invited a number of athletes to test out the rumored iWatch, according to T3. They include basketball star Kobe Bryant, ice hockey player Dustin Brown and an unnamed player from the Boston Red Sox. The athletes are expected to help Apple market the iWatch as a health and fitness tracker. "Amongst the features rumoured to be in the smartwatch are ten or more sensors that can track a range of things, from heart rate through to blood glucose and oxygen levels," the report adds. Read more

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>> Android phones do not infringe Gemalto's patents

Android smartphones running Java apps do not infringe patents held by SIM card maker Gemalto, a U.S. federal appeals court has ruled. Gemalto alleged that Android smartphone makers Google, Motorola, HTC and Samsung infringed on its patents when running Java apps on their phones, according to a report by IDG News Service. The appeals court upheld a district court ruling. "We agree with the district court that the accused devices do not infringe ... due to their use of cache memory," the appeals court was quoted by IDG as saying. Read more

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>> Intel is looking to supply baseband chips for future iPhones

Intel wants to oust Qualcomm as the main supplier of baseband chips for iPhones, AppleInsider reports. Qualcomm is currently the primary supplier of baseband chips for Apple's iPhones, but Intel is in talks with Apple to become the main chip supplier for future iPhones, according to a note to investors by Timothy Acuri of Cowen and Company quoted by AppleInsider. While Acuri believes the talks are more to put pressure on Qualcomm to lower its prices, they could add credibility to Intel's mobile chip efforts. Read more

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>> Microsoft inadvertently confirms existence of Surface Mini

Microsoft included information about the Surface Mini in its Surface Pro 3 User Guide, Computerworld reports.  The Mini was featured in the User Guide's discussion of the Surface Pen, a writing tool that comes with the Surface Pro 3 and would have come with the Surface Mini if it had been released along with the Surface Pro 3. Rumors suggested that the Surface Mini was designed to be a note-taking tablet. Read more

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>> Amazon chief wants more Appstore deals

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would like to sign more deals to share its Android Appstore with other firms besides BlackBerry, Bezos tells Re/code in an interview. Last week, BlackBerry inked a deal with Amazon to offer BlackBerry users access to the Appstore. "This is just awesome for Amazon developer community. It's just yet another reason to develop for the Amazon Appstore," says Bezos. Read more

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