News Scan: Mobile users shun commitment; Intel founds rival IoT standards group; more

>> Mobile device users shun commitment

Nearly half of mobile device users replace their device within two years, according to a survey by B2X Care Solutions and Motorola cited by eMarketer. "This relatively short timeframe makes sense when one considers that U.S. smartphone and tablet owners said buying a technically advanced model was the most important factor when purchasing a new device," the report explains. Read more

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>> Intel founds rival IoT standards group to Qualcomm

Intel doesn't want to be left behind Qualcomm in the battle for the Internet of Things (IoT). The chip maker has teamed with Samsung, Dell and others to found the Open Interconnect Consortium, which plans to develop IoT standards for data communications among devices, reports IDG News Service. This appears to be a response to a similar effort by Qualcomm and other firms, including Microsoft, to develop IoT communications standards through the AllSeen Alliance. Read more

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>> Beacon shipments to take off, predicts ABI

Shipments of iBeacons and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons will surpass 60 million units by 2019, says ABI Research. "It may surprise many to see that retail is the smallest market covered in the report. In building terms, many stores are relatively small in comparison to a corporate office or hospital, while the items being tracked, i.e. consumers, are already BLE-enabled through their smartphones, further limiting the number of beacons required," says ABI senior analyst Patrick Connolly. Read more

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>> Mobile messaging startup Dasher kicks messaging up a notch

With $1.25 million in seed funding burning a hole in its pocket, mobile messaging startup Dasher is ready to kick messaging up a notch by supporting rich content, location sharing, GIFs and other features, TechCrunch reports. "Everyone is trying to build a better SMS--delivering the same type of content in slightly different ways, but it's all the same stuff. You're sending text, you're sending an image. Maybe an app tries to differentiate by having a better group experience, or sending a sticker, but you reach a low ceiling pretty quickly," Dasher founder Jesse Boyes tells TechCrunch. Read more

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>> Freemium mobile apps face regulatory scrutiny, consumer skepticism

Freemium mobile apps are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators and greater skepticism from consumers, notes an article at Mobile Marketer. "Certainly regulators are taking a closer look, and frankly I'd have to say rightly so. As is often the case with new business models, although there are plenty of reputable companies using the model effectively, there are some mistakes being made and also some bad practice going on," David MacQueen, director of wireless media strategies at Strategy Analytics, tells Mobile Marketer. Read more

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