Enterprise virtual assistant tech may be on the horizon

If Apple and Google get their way, Siri and Google Now might soon vie for attention as your virtual secretary. According to news reports, both smartphone manufacturers are looking at ways to connect their virtual assistant technology to enterprise data to give workers a whole new way of accessing company apps and information.

Apple was noodling around the idea of "Enterprise Siri" with HP, but that idea seems to have hit the skids after Apple announced its new partnership with IBM. According to The Information, HP and Google are now chatting each other up to see what might come together.

If the pairing comes to fruition, it's a concept that could give Google a big boost over Apple in the enterprise smartphone market. According to report released this week by Good Technology, iOS accounted for 67 percent of device activations in Q2, beating out Android's 32 percent.

Assuming the requisite data security and BYOD safety precautions were taken, there's little doubt that this is an idea enterprise could get behind.  

As TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington points out, "Adding enterprise smarts would allow employees to tie in appointments, contact databases, company data and other crucial information with their existing calendars, calls and location information, and you can see how that might be handy if you were preparing for a meeting, discussing project performance with a colleague or otherwise looking for a way to quickly access and synthesize information that otherwise might require logging into a specific dashboard and running a complicated query."

A large percentage of the workforce is already supports the BYOD concept. Tools and apps that connect corporate calendars and email to personal mobile devices are in widespread use. It's hard to imagine that a fair amount of employees wouldn't be happy to embrace a virtual assistant that further ties them into enterprise data for easy access.

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