News Scan: PayPal rolls out mobile checkout app; US, Japan ready for VoLTE launches;

>> PayPal rolls out One Touch mobile checkout app

Using technology from its Braintree acquisition, PayPal has unveiled its One Touch mobile checkout app, TechCrunch reports. The technology, based on Venmo Touch, is a mobile app that enables users to store their credit card information and recall it for checkout and payment. One Touch is in beta now with select merchant partners and will be rollout out publicly next month. Read more.

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>> BYOD fuels online video platform market

The BYOD trend is one factor fueling demand in the online video platform (OVP) market, which is forecast by Frost & Sullivan to reach $800 million by 2019, up from $370 million last year. "As more niche content finds its way online and intense competition causes customers to differentiate on content selection, time to market, and quality of experience, OVPs will be critical to ensure business success for M&E [media and entertainment] firms. The inability of M&E organizations to handle the complexity of publishing video online is particularly fueling the demand for OVPs that can manage and monetize video assets," says Frost & Sullivan digital media industry analyst Anisha Vinny. Read more.

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>> US, Japan ready for VoLTE launches this year

The U.S. and Japanese markets are preparing for national launches of voice over LTE (VoLTE), which enables high-definition voice services, near the end of this year, relates Infonetics Research. So far, VoLTE has only been launched in South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. VoLTE in larger markets is expected to fuel demand for IMS equipment related to VoLTE next year, the research firm notes. Read more.

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>> Apple, Samsung losing grip on tablet market dominance

Apple and Samsung, the largest suppliers of tablets, are facing increased competition from Asus and Lenovo, according to the latest stats from Strategy Analytics. Apple saw its tablet shipments slip 9.2 percent year-over-year in the second quarter, while Samsung saw a 5.3 percent shipment drop. At the same time, Asus posted a 23.7 percent year-over-year jump in tablet shipments, and Lenovo surged 60.5 percent in the second quarter. In total, 52.4 million tablets where shipped in the 2014 second quarter. Read more.

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>> IoT pushes wireless connected device installed base to 41B in 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) will drive the installed base of wireless connected devices to 16 billion units this year and close to 41 billion in 2020, according to a forecast by ABI Research. "If we look at this year's installed base, smartphones, PCs, and other 'hub' devices represent still 44 percent of the active total, but by end-2020 their share is set to drop to 32 percent. In other words, 75 percent of the growth between today and the end of the decade will come from non-hub devices: sensor nodes and accessories," says ABI principal analyst Aapo Markkanen. Read more.

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